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The Most Innovative Use of Technology — Core-Flex

Benivo wins the FEM EMMA Award for The Most Innovative Use of Technology — Core-Flex. This is the 11th time in the last 4 years Benivo has won an industry award!  What's so special about Benivo's Core-Flex technology solution?

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How will the SIRVA and BGRS announcement impact the global mobility industry?

In an announcement that has shocked the industry, SIRVA and BGRS have announced their intention to merge. Together they will be the clear market leader by revenues and staff numbers. What does this mean for the mobility industry? 

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Digitalizing The Mobility Operating Model

In our most recent The View From The Top show featuring guest speakers — Jason Ward (EY), Wes Okumura (formerly EY Americas Mobility Lead Partner and now Benivo Strategy Council Member) and Beth Neilson (Benivo), we discussed digitalization and how we can apply it to align HR, Payroll, and vendor platforms.

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"Greenvolution" in Global Mobility


Let’s be honest, Global Mobility has historically been a culprit when it comes to the environment. Our very role is to move people around the planet, ship goods and create carbon emissions. So it is really incumbent on us as a profession to come up with newer, more sustainable programs and policies.

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Digitization - Reducing Layers and Handovers

We’ve all learnt important lessons during the pandemic. Key among them is the importance of digitization. Digital transformation is a critical program infrastructure requirement and no longer a nice to have.

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