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New Blueprint for Global Mobility: Relocation Services + Mobility Tech

Benivo's innovative approach merges cutting-edge technology with a personal touch, creating a distinctive program delivery model. This model enhances the employee relocation process by integrating Benivo's sophisticated technology platform with the specialized knowledge of professional relocation consultants (Big 4). It's crafted to provide a seamless blend of efficiency and individualized attention, ensuring a superior relocation experience. Equipping relocation consultants with advanced tools (and eliminating admin work), enables them to offer an unparalleled, customized service, effectively giving them "superpowers'' to meet the unique needs of each client.

With this approach, we’re able to:

  • Enable relocation consultants to provide personalized support where it is needed most
  • Remove the administrative barriers many GM professionals face daily
  • Redefine the experience for the employee
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Proactive Support

  • Expectation setting
  • Communication monitoring
  • Check-ins
  • Proactive escalation management

Service Coordination

  • Services coordination support
  • Multiple care levels available
  • Global + 24/7 coverage

Flexibility and efficiency

  • Hyper efficient with Benivo superpowers + integrated supply chain
  • Flexible packages
  • Policy consultation


  • How does the high-tech component of Benivo's approach benefit GM programs?

    The high-tech component of Benivo's approach includes a powerful, AI-powered technology platform that automates and streamlines Global Mobility programs. Features like communication consolidation, case analysis, rule checks, benchmarking, issue analysis, and escalation management move work away from traditional methods, making processes more efficient and scalable

  • What is the high-touch component of Benivo's approach?

    The high-touch component involves partnering with professional employee care providers, to offer hands-on support and case management for employees. This means relocating employees receive direct, personalized assistance from experienced professionals who manage their consulting interactions, progress on relocation milestones, and anticipate and resolve potential issues.

  • How does Benivo ensure a seamless integration between technology and human expertise?

    Benivo ensures seamless integration through its platform, where integrated relocation consultants, contracted under Benivo, deliver comprehensive case management. They ensure frequent communication with employees and use data to improve the relocation experience, effectively combining the efficiency of technology with the empathy and expertise of human consultants.

  • Is there access to various levels of employee care through your relocation consultant?

    The traditional way was to offer a one-size-fits-all approach, which can be limiting. Benivo's model offers scalable solutions that can be tailored to different levels of employee needs, ensuring that each individual receives the appropriate level of care and support throughout their relocation journey.

  • How does this approach benefit the employee, the company, and the relocation consultant?

    Benefits to elevating the employee experience:

    • Once an employee is flagged for an upcoming relocation, the employee can be provided access to the Benivo platform which serves as the single source of truth for all aspects of the relocation process.
    • The employee has instant access to the information needed for a successful relocation; which means it can be reviewed according to the employee’s availability. This provides unmatched flexibility for the employee and creates that Amazon-like experience we all expect from technology today.
    • When the employee and mobility team enter data in Benivo, that data is provided to service providers, based on the data each provider requires, to reduce the need for the employee to provide the same data multiple times.
    • Throughout the relocation process, the employee has access to a Benivo Tracker to see exactly what is going on with each service, what to expect, and when to expect it.
    • The employee can also easily communicate with everyone supporting the relocation process through the Benivo platform with Benivo's messaging tool. 

    Benefits to the corporate global mobility team:

    • AI dashboards provide insights on data that historically have been spread across multiple sources making it readily available for data-driven decision-making. These dashboards and related alerts help the GM team identify issues BEFORE THEY BECOME A PROBLEM. For example, we have dashboards to track estimated to actual costs in real-time, dashboards to track service provider performance against SLAs, and dashboards to view employee ratings and reviews for services received.
    • Benivo uses AI and other innovative technology to reduce the administrative burden placed upon the GM team through process efficiencies. This frees up Global Mobility professionals to add more value to the company. This could mean more consulting with leadership to align the mobility strategy with your HR strategy….or it could mean educating line managers and business partners on the best approach for potential employee relocations.
    • The end-to-end platform enables the mobility team to provide real-time visibility on relocation status to the employees, the company, and all service providers. Specifically, our Benivo Trackers and our user-to-user messaging features help ensure everyone is on the same page. This reduces the amount of inquiries requiring mobility resources.
    • Benivo reduces the overall cost associated with mobility program management by leveraging tech to automate admin and leveraging relocation consultants where human interaction adds the most value.

    Benefits to the relocation consultant:

    • This approach enables relocation consultants to focus on the most value-added personalized touch for the employee.
    • By working within the Benivo Relocation Consultant model, we not only give the GM team superpowers, but we also give the relocation consultants superpowers to support your team.
    • Our approach supercharges the relocation consultants by providing them with: 
      - Less admin work so they can provide higher quality support in less time
      - One-click service initiations enabling them to reach out quickly to the relocating employee
      - No copying and pasting between systems - data is shared between systems depending on the data requirements
      - AI Dashboards for on-demand insights into the population currently being supported
      - Full transparency on communication in real-time
      - Service Provider Platform Access to manage support, including a chat feature and ticketing system shared between Benivo, the relocation consultant, the employee and other service providers.

    This approach can work for a variety of mobility policies and it’s incredibly scalable. This means your program can easily grow and evolve without the need for additional solutions. 

  • What types of services would a relocation consultant support in the Benivo model?

    In this model, the responsibilities of a Relocation Consultant encompass a wide array of activities designed to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation process for employees. These responsibilities include:

    • Case Management Check-Ins: The consultant collaborates closely with the GM team and Benivo to conduct regular check-ins. They coordinate and manage various cases using the platform, which provides insights on vendors and relocation policies to streamline processes.
    • Policy Briefing Sessions: A comprehensive 1-hour briefing session is provided to each employee. During this session, the consultant explains the relocation policy, demonstrates how to navigate the platform, and addresses any specific concerns or unique issues the employee may have.
    • Off-Hours Support: Recognizing the unpredictability of travel, the consultant offers support outside of regular business hours for emergencies, such as rearranging taxi services in the event of a late flight cancellation.
    • Employee Check-Ins: The consultant regularly updates the employee's arrival and start dates, monitors the progress of services, and remains informed about any changes in the employee's circumstances.
    • Management of Extensions and Exceptions: To handle issues requiring extensions or exceptions to the standard relocation process, the consultant uses a ticketing system to track, analyze, and resolve these issues.
    • Service Provider Communication and Monitoring: The consultant oversees communication between service providers and employees, ensures efficient user-to-user messaging, and tracks the progress of service trackers.
    • Escalation Management: The consultant is equipped to handle escalations, ensuring that any complex issues are addressed promptly and effectively.
    • Comprehensive Support: Beyond these key areas, the consultant's role includes a broad spectrum of tasks designed to facilitate a seamless relocation experience for employees.
  • Do you have to use a relocation consultant when using Benivo?

    No, using a relocation consultant is not mandatory with Benivo. The platform is designed to empower employees with the resources and tools they need to manage their relocation independently, but consultants are available if additional support is desired.

  • What is the cost of this model?

    There are packages of costs to fit any budget and level of service. Contact us to learn more.

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