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A repayable, interest-free cash advance for your employees, from Benivo. Providing access to money for relocation doesn't need to touch payroll anymore.


Fast Delivery. Any Currency.

Benivo has over 10 years experience automating payouts globally and can deliver funds to bank accounts, digital wallets and pre-paid cards as preferred by your employees. The experience is seamless from redemption to money-in-hand. 

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Set the limit you need.

With PayLater, you define how much money your employees can access from Benivo, for relocation, before their start date. You can set different limits per employee group. They repay Benivo over up to 6 months starting after they receive payroll from you. 

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Like a salary advance, but better.

No administrating a salary advance program. No delivering income before a start date. Dramatic simplification of your internal process. Dramatic experience improvement for your employees. They access money when they need it, and repay Benivo when they are paid. 


What employees say about PayLater.

‘It was fast and convenient!
Phillips 66

‘This tool has helped me relocate with the assistance that allows for financial comfort during this time of transition’

‘PayLater is super useful. It payed for my rent.'

‘PayLater is very useful. We just arrive to Ireland and I was not prepared to pay deposit.'
Verizon Connect

‘Interest-free financial assistance at a crucial time is an amazing thing!!!'
Remedium Partners

‘Fast, Simple, Fair financial assistance that is very important for some people to relocate to other countries. Benivo made the difference as it offers financial stability to young employees like me.'

‘I would not be able to afford a deposit and my first month's rent without this assistance. Thank you!'


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PayLater changes the way that you can think about solving cash-flow for your new hires, transfers and assignees alike.

  • Improve policy benefits. 
  • Reduce administration complexity. 
  • Ensure equal access to opportunity.
  • Better compliance positioning. 
  • Match benefits to policies. 
  • A global solution for access to money.



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Save 30-70% on overall costs. Increase employee NPS scores by >50%.


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