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UK Immigration Policy Debate Ahead of Snap Election

With a surprise snap election called for July 4th in the UK, the topic of immigration policy is taking center stage in the campaigns of the two major parties — the incumbent Conservatives and the challenging Labour Party.

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Why Supporting Relocating Partners is Crucial for Assignment Success

When it comes to global mobility, the success or failure of an assignment often hinges on the relocating partner and family. In a recent industry survey by Permits Foundation and NetExpat of over 3,500 respondents, an unhappy partner was cited as the #1 reason for assignment failure and rejection.

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Unpacking the ROI of Global Mobility Programs

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) for global mobility programs is a perennial challenge, but an important one. Leaders want to see the business impact and value created by relocating employees internationally. But calculating ROI for mobility involves many variables that can be difficult to quantify.

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Dubai Introduces Innovative "Blue Visa" for Environmental Sustainability Experts

Dubai continues to lead the way in attracting top global talent by introducing groundbreaking new visa schemes. On our most recent The View From The Top show, Fragomen's Julia Onslow-Cole provided an exciting update on the latest visa development in Dubai.

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The Importance of Immigration Compliance for Remote Work Programs

As remote work arrangements become more popular across organizations globally, mobility teams must understand and address the associated immigration risks and compliance considerations. In our recent The View From The Top show, Charlotte Wills from the Fragomen, discussed the key drivers behind the rise of remote work policies, including accessing global talent pools, enhancing employee experience, and aligning with government initiatives like digital nomad visas.

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