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So are we a relocation agency or what?

And what’s the difference between us and RMCs (Relocation Management Companies) and DSPs (Destination Services Providers)? 

Benivo is rather unique - there's no other company doing junior employee relocation for £499 a pop. And because of this, we're getting a lot of questions and comments such as "No way I can afford a relocation agency for junior employees!"
So we decided to clarify things a bit.

Four ways you’re wasting money when providing relocation support on your own

If you provide relocation support to junior employees yourself, you may be saving money in the short run. But it is a false economy. Here's why.

The pale shadows of apricots

When I was little, my grandmother used to spend a lot of time and effort making apricot jam from scratch.

If now you think "aww... memories!", beware: The puny, shrivelled apricots she used came from a set of trees in her garden that were probably cursed. Or it was the altitude, I don't know. In any case, the jam ended up being pretty lousy - sour, lifeless, mediocre.

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How to give a relocating employee a 5% salary raise without paying for it yourself

Introducing the Relocation Allowance, an HMRC tax and social security relief for companies and employees.

When employees relocate to or within the UK, both them and their employers can save a lot of money on Income Tax and National Insurance. However, in our experience, only few companies take advantage of the Relocation Allowance (RA). This is a big waste! Because if used correctly, the RA can leave an employee with a 5% top-up on their yearly pay - at no extra cost.
How to do this? Read on...

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How companies waste thousands of their employees’ salary and how to stop it

Temporary Workplace Relief, an HMRC tax and social security break for companies and employees, is applicable in cases of long-term, project-based temporary assignments. It can save you a LOT of money. 

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Hire Globally (Part 1)

There is a world of opportunity outside our borders. If you are a company in Europe and you aren’t actively recruiting junior staff internationally, you’re missing out on a huge pool of talent and diversity.

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