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Make switching entities a great employee experience.

Improve transfer experience by >50%.

Moving people with in your organisation is a strategic act. It needs to be done efficiently for HR and employees, address compliance and deliver on duty of care. The Benivo platform is the right solution to accomplish all three objectives. 


A foundation to deliver on duty of care.

International and domestic transfers are simple, cost-efficient moves, which is a win for the company when done right. If employee experience plummets during a poor moving experience, then cost starts piling back up when the company needs to invest to fix mistakes and get the transfer to a productive place. Benivo's platform tools and digital destination offerings enable HR teams to have a duty of care foundation, deployable to all employees in all locations, to provide on-demand relocation support from the moment your employee knows their transfer is approved.  


Consider employee cash-flow solved. 

Transfers leave one payroll and join another. So just like a new hire, they face a cash-flow challenge while they wait to get enrolled in a new payroll system and get paid. In the meantime, to execute their move, employees need to start paying for moving, transport, new housing, new services and the rest of the things they need to get set up in life. Typically, getting money into employees hands before they start is a painful process, or an expensive service. With Benivo it's neither. You can deliver relocation allowances for $1 and get a report for payroll, or enable PayLater for your employees and give your transfers access to a Benivo provided, interest-free cash advance, to pay the things they need. Employees repay after they are paid by you.


Surprise & Delight.

Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate with your employee - they are starting something new and embarking on a new chapter with your company. The Welcome Gift Experience is a great way to say welcome and reinforce values about giving and giving back. Employees start by receiving a personalised welcome gift from you to celebrate their new opportunity. Next they gift it forward by choosing a charitable cause to support and Benivo donates on their behalf. Finally, they give back to their colleagues by sharing insights and tips about their moving experience and double their charity donation after 30 insights. 


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Save 30-70% on overall costs. Increase employee NPS scores by >50%.


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