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Finding Love Across Borders: Tales of Expat Romance

Love knows no borders, and the stories we heard on our recent Valentine's Day The View From The Top show prove it. Featuring special guests Irene Wolff (WACKER), Spencer Reynolds (Takeda), and Scherezade Maestre (Vialto Partners), tales were told of chance encounters, long-distance courtships, intercultural differences overcome, immigration challenges faced, and adventures shared.

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Harnessing AI to Revolutionize Global Mobility Support

AI is cutting-edge technology that offers immense potential to streamline and enhance global mobility programs. In one of our recent shows, we had an insightful discussion on how AI can support global mobility managers and revolutionize the employee relocation experience. The experts explained how purpose-built AI tools like Benivo GPT leverage advanced natural language processing to automate administrative tasks, provide personalized support, and unlock actionable insights.

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Tax changes coming to the Middle East

The Middle East has long been known as a tax-free haven, but that is starting to change. Here is an update on recent and upcoming tax changes in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

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The Changing Landscape of Immigration in the Middle East

The Middle East is undergoing major changes that are impacting immigration and global mobility in the region. With global economic growth slowing, geopolitical tensions rising, and oil prices fluctuating, Middle Eastern countries are urgently working to diversify their economies away from a dependence on oil. These diversification efforts are creating new opportunities for foreign companies and workers, while also spurring updates to immigration policies.

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Sustainability and Global Mobility at Siemens

Global mobility programs enable companies to send employees around the world, but they also come with a significant environmental footprint from travel and relocations. Companies like Siemens are putting sustainability at the forefront of their global mobility strategy. In a recent The View From The Top show, we were joined by special guests from Siemens - Meike Geiken and Jonathan Keag to discuss their strategy.

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