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U.S. Immigration Policy Update - Preparing for Changes After the 2024 Election

As the 2024 U.S. presidential election approaches, global mobility professionals should prepare for potential immigration policy shifts depending on the outcome. In this two-part series featured on The View From The Top, Fragomen's Julia Onslow-Cole will cover recent updates and trends, then discuss how to strategically plan for different election scenarios.

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Dual Careers on the Rise: Why Work Access for Partners is Critical

In today's globalized workforce, more couples than ever are pursuing dual careers. As companies become increasingly mobile and relocate top talent around the world, it's no longer just the "trailing spouse" following their partner on an international assignment. Both partners often have established careers they don't want to sacrifice.

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Immigration Challenges for Partners and Dependents Around the World

As companies become increasingly global, more employees are being asked to go on international assignments. While the hired employee may have authorization to work in the host country, their spouse/partner and dependents often face challenges in obtaining work permission themselves.

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Revolutionizing Compensation Accumulation and Payroll Reporting

For too long, global mobility professionals have dreaded compensation accumulation and payroll reporting. The manual process of consolidating compensation data from multiple sources like HR systems, relocation providers, and vendors has been a nightmare - extremely time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors.

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Major Updates in Asia Pacific Immigration Rules

Several important immigration policy changes recently announced across the Asia Pacific region that global mobility professionals need to be aware of.

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