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Lump Sum

A program that 100% of employees will appreciate.

Let's start by thinking about your employees.

Your employees are modern individuals who are used to getting things done themselves. Booking travel, online shopping, online banking and more. You can manage your life from your phone on your own time and terms.


Why do most lump sum solutions fail them?


Because they treat your employees as sales opportunities.


Employers provide financial support to employees and good intentions aside, introduced suppliers try to sell to them. These suppliers only make money when your employees spend money with them. Not surprisingly, the average uptake of these services is very low - 10%-20%.

Why? First, the prices are too high with too many layers earning from the transaction. Second, it's not how most people work in their consumer lives. The world today works by quickly researching options, reading reviews, following easy self-serve steps, as quickly and painlessly as possible. Think about how you bank, shop online, book travel, plan a trip and get things done.


The result of this design is that the overwhelming majority of employees end up moving without assistance, failing the goal of your program in the first place.


Why not make the foundation of your program help 100% of employees to be successful, and give access to the 10% who are seeking concierge services. 


Benivo's approach to delivering lump sum assistance achieves the goal of 100% of employees supported, >50% increase to employer Net Promoter Score and offers multiple opportunities for HR teams earn a positive ROI. 

Quick Comparison

Traditional Lump Sum
  • Free for employers.
  • Paid for employees.
  • 10% usage.
  • Employee get sold to.
Benivo Lump Sum
  • Paid by employers.
  • Free for employees.
  • 100% usage.
  • No one sells to your employees.


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Save 30-70% on overall costs. Increase employee NPS scores by >50%.


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