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Manage Global Mobility

Tools to get things done, without spending a fortune, integrated to your core HR systems.

A cost-effective solution to manage.

Benivo believes in empowering Global Mobility leaders to consult, strategise and lead. That means not getting bogged down in day to day, manual and repetitive work. Tooling built into the Benivo platform helps GM teams get more things done, cost-effectively, and integrated with the core systems used by your HR function.   


Free technology. No Global Mobility tools budget required.

Benivo charges a fee per employee who relocates - and that's it. No set-up fees, customisation fees, change fees, maintenance fees or recurring fees that need to be paid by the Global Mobility team budget. You get 2 in 1. A platform for employee and a platform for Global Mobility. The platform for the employee delivers relocation support, is paid by the business, and you get the Global Mobility Management platform for free.  


Trackable, customisable, digital briefings for employees

To achieve better compliance, less exceptions and lower cost, Global Mobility needs a system to deliver information and track receipt, acknowledgement and agreement. Benivo is the platform that allows Global Mobility and HR teams to standardise and scale employee orientation to the Global Mobility process.


Say goodbye to repeat data entry. Say hello to HCM integration. 

Benivo's automagic forms eliminate the need for you, your team and the employees who you support to enter the same data over an over again. Benivo integrates to all of your provider and systems at no cost - tax, immigration, data providers, relocation, DSPs and most importantly -- your HCM system. 


Initiate vendors in a snap

Setup the Benivo platform to initiate your vendors based on your ruleset. Benivo does not manage vendors and is 100% vendor agnostic. You can add or switch any vendor and any integration anytime. Optionally, you can also use Benivo's global payments expertise to settle vendor payments. 


Deliver money anywhere, fast, for $1 or free.

You can start delivering relocation allowances to employees today for $1, or free when your company purchases Benivo licenses and prefunds the disbursements. Get money delivered to employees and suppliers by multiple convenient methods, in any currency, anywhere in the world, or use PayLater to solve employee access to cash-flow. 



Customisable workflows to manage processes between your HRBPs, GM teams, Vendors and Employees with tasks, reminders, eSignature and reporting. 


Cost Estimates

Delivered through integration with your data provider. You input information on Benivo, your provider produces estimates, and Benivo's workflows manage the approval process with your HRBPs, letter creation and approval by employees.


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Save 30-70% on overall costs. Increase employee NPS scores by >50%.


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