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New Blueprint for Global Mobility: Relocation Services + Mobility Tech

Relocation Services + Mobility Tech

A new blueprint for global mobility

You can use Benivo for either Relocation Services or Mobility Tech, but you can also get both and benefit from reducing layers and saving costs — one Benivo license pays for both relocation services and mobility tech.

Since Benivo does not charge an implementation fee, you can get the mobility tech you always dreamed about without requesting any budget. Simply choose Benivo for Relocation Services + Mobility Tech and transform your program and your career.

Everything that you will expect from a relocation services provider:

  • High touch with top-tier relocation consultants from the Big 4 using Benivo tools and tech superpowers to reduce layers
  • Benivo’s global supply partner network covers all relocation services, including household goods, temporary housing, destination services, partner/spouse support, language training, furniture rentals, home sales, and even maid services
  • Dedicated VIP program
  • Automated payment processing for expense reimbursement, allowances, per diem, suppliers, and third party
  • Compensation accumulation
  • Supporting any policy - managed services, managed budget, core-flex, lump sum, and early careers


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Superpowers to deliver a wow experience:

  • When your employees need to manage a move, they need to speak to tax, immigration, and a relocation provider. With this innovative model, we reduce the layers and the number of providers they need to engage with, as their relocation consultant comes from the Big 4. Groundbreaking!
  • We empower the consultants with superpowers that allow them to spend 75% less time on administrative work and instead focus on adding value to your employees, resulting in higher employee satisfaction without increasing the spend.
  • Employees can choose to engage with a digital solution that provides an Amazon-like experience with reviews, star ratings, and a mobile-first design, or to speak to a consultant available 24/7.
  • All payments are automated, saving time and money for everyone. The technology ensures that employees never need to provide the same information repeatedly, and we automatically analyze conversations and service delivery to identify potential escalations and proactively solve them.
This is what we call a "wow" relocation experience.

Everything that you will expect from Global Mobility technology provider:

One platform for mobility managers, employees, and service providers that transitions the process from reactive to proactive using data and AI with real-time data visibility and alerts, full transparency, and reduced layers. 

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Superpowers to deliver a wow experience:

  • With Benivo, all changes are included. We believe that mobility leaders need to be agile to meet their business needs, hence they need an agile solution. It doesn’t make sense for your team to become IT experts and write SQL queries. It also doesn’t make sense to pay additional fees for every change, as we know how hard it is to get new budgets. So, we changed it. We do all the changes for you, fast, so you can focus on what you do best - be a global mobility expert.

  • We then automate your manual tasks in order to free up time to do strategic work. And to be strategic, you need data. This is what gets everyone’s attention, and we are experts in getting your data. We even have Client Insights experts who will analyze the data for you and help you drive insights, and yes, no additional fees for that. Last year, we helped a client identify millions in cost savings from optimizing their US domestic mileage calculation by analyzing the data. We do it with all clients, and that’s one of our key dashboards - a live ROI that you can quantify the impact.
  • Cost estimates - why do you need to pay per cost estimate? It doesn’t make sense. With Benivo, you have unlimited cost estimates, and we introduced AI that automatically runs hundreds of calculations to identify scenarios that deliver cost savings. You have to try it!

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