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New Blueprint for Global Mobility: Relocation Services + Mobility Tech

New Hires

Increase NPS by 50% for your foreign and domestic new hires.

A cost-effective solution for Talent Teams. 

Cost is no longer a barrier to helping your foreign local hires and domestic new hires. Benivo's platform solves 3 fundamental problems for your new hires as they join a brand new company, and start a brand new lifestyle in a new city.


Access to Money

You have to spend money to relocate. Oftentimes, you don't have money readily available to spend before you're paid. Even if you'll be reimbursed by the company, you'd rather not need to use your savings or personal credit. HR teams want to solve the problem but face high costs and process hurdles to get money to employees before they start work. Benivo solves this problem with PayLater - a repayable, interest-free cash advance delivered to the employee by Benivo, repaid by instalments starting after the employee is receiving payroll. PayLater is used by 90% of clients with an average employee satisfaction score of 9.7/10. 


Insights from Colleagues

A key question that any relocating employee wants to know is what did the last person like me do? Social Insights on the Benivo platform delivers star ratings, insights and advice from your employee community to your new hires covering benefits decisions, moving decisions, housing, lifestyle, admin and all the little things to know and think about when you move. Benivo makes it easy for your new hires to get insights from the colleagues who they will soon be joining to help make them make the right relocation decisions. 


Digital Destinations

Every new hire, and their partner, should get destination services for basic duty of care. Benivo gives you the digital destination support foundation for new hires and their partners that you can can couple with your preferred on-the-ground DSPs and RMCs when relevant. Start by universally offering digital destination support for housing, settling-in, moving, bank accounts, utilities, drivers licenses, local registrations, cost-of-living planning, commuting norms, shopping expectations and lifestyle to get excited about.


$1 Disbursements

If you deliver relocation allowances in advance of payroll, then you can use Benivo's global payouts infrastructure to deliver money faster and cheaper compared with any other alternative on the market.


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Save 30-70% on overall costs. Increase employee NPS scores by >50%.


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