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Never let them go - How to bolster your retention rates in times of Brexit

The modicum of progress the UK government has made recently in their Brexit talks with the EU should not be an excuse for companies to lean back: While both sides have, in early December 2017, stated their intention that the free movement of EU citizens in the UK and vice versa shall remain in place, nothing is agreed before everything is agreed. Companies based in the UK will need to keep working hard to attract and retain the best talent.

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Welcome Brian Friedman to Benivo!

I’m excited to welcome Brian Friedman to Benivo as Strategy Director. Brian has an unparalleled experience, reputation, and knowledge in Mobility and HR, including leading HR practice at EY and founding the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM).

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Our Book: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in Times of Brexit

I'm very proud to announce that Benivo have published a thought leadership book called Attracting and Retaining Top Talent In Times of Brexit, with hands-on and best practice advice from 28 thought leaders across HR, Recruitment, and Global Mobility. We are giving away the first 250 copies for FREE- register here (free shipping, worldwide included).

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4 Lessons that Global Mobility can learn from the Low Cost Airlines revolution

The Global Mobility and Relocation market is in the same position as the airline industry was in the 1970’s, before the revolution of Low Cost Airlines Carriers or, as they are more widely known, Low Cost Airlines (LCAs). The introduction of low cost airlines changed the aviation industry forever; there’s no going back, and it’s impossible to imagine the aviation industry without them.

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Employee Experience Engineering - a systematic approach to building your Employer Brand

We are launching a series of white papers on the topic of Employee Experience.

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