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Benivo is proud to support the HR, Talent & Global Mobility teams of top global employers
  • Bloomberg
  • Google
  • GE 175x50
  • Johnson & Johnson 175X43
  • verizon connect 175x50
  • DeepMind
  • Hertz
  • McAfee
  • NHS
  • Vodafone

4 reasons Benivo is a HR team partner of choice


#1 As-A-Service

You don't need more software to manage. We're as-a-service.


#2 Global Scope

Support for any & every location, anywhere in the world.

#3 Compatibility

We connect to your tools and work with your suppliers.


#4 Social Impact

Purchasing Benivo supports Teach First through 1:10.

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Welcome+ Campus


Campus Recruits

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Relocating Employees

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Preboarding New Hires

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 Interested in seeing Benivo Products live in action?  Request Demo

Benivo and Teach First -  1:10

Teach First + Benivo

Benivo clients support Teach First with every purchase. We donate one Destinations registration for every ten sold to help Teach First teachers move, get settled and make an impact in their new school.

Benivo & Teach First are working together to ensure that no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background.

Patrick Dempsey, Recruitment Cultivation & Diversity Manager, Teach First

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Benivo app now available

Benivo App Now Available

Our Apple iOS and Android app are now available for download on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

With easy access to all the key info you need while you're on the go!

From the Reading Room

Case Study: DeepMind

Case Studies

Case Study: DeepMind

A uniform experience for interns ensuring they feel completely welcome and supported

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Company Welcome: The Art & Science


Company Welcome: The Art & Science

20% of turnover happens inside 90 days. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs can help.

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Relocation in IT Engineering


Relocation in IT Engineering

Research with the LBS community uncovers $8,000 per employee in hidden cost.

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