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About Benivo

Benivo is a technology company whose products address critical HR, Talent, Reward and Global Mobility objectives:

  • Improving employee experience
  • Operating efficiency
  • Cost reductions
  • Time savings
Clients including Wayfair, Bayer, Phillips 66, Google, Kearney, CGI, Unity Technologies, Regeneron, GE and more rate Benivo 9.2/10 with an NPS of 76.

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How to leverage Benivo for your RFIs and RFPs?

As a technology company, Benivo will be used alongside your Tax, Immigration, Relocation Management, Destination Services, Shipping, Data and HRIS system vendors.

You can leverage Benivo in your evaluations by: 

  • Engaging Benivo's Strategy Council free of charge
    Get advice about designing technology requirements into your upcoming RFIs and RFPs.
  • Get the full picture of how Benivo technology can add value to each category: Technology, Tax, Immigration, Relocation Management, Destination Services, Shipping and more

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