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A flexible, customisable, digital foundation to support your core-flex design.

How will you design your core-flex approach?

The Benivo platform delivers to every way you choose to design your core-flex program, allowing you to personalise the message and selection process per population, policy or employee. Let's review how the Benivo platform supports.


Core Elements

What goes into the core offering? For compliance, tax & immigration is most often included. For duty of care, flights & initial temporary housing is often considered.

Benivo supports users with all the information in one place with digital briefs to outline the steps they need to take, integrated when possible with the vendors. HR benefits from less questions, a streamlined process and clear usage stats from a single source. 


Flex Categories

What are the flex categories and monetary support value per category for each employee population? However you design it, employees need to make choices, communicate their choices to HR and get the relevant vendors initiated. 

Benivo helps users to make the best choices through digital briefs, guides, and the ability to learn from their colleagues experience - what did colleagues choose and would they do the same or different next time? HR benefits from easy vendor initiations, $1 vendor disbursements, expense management and the ability to personalise the message and options per employee policy or per employee.


Services Selection

Who chooses the vendors in each category? Does the employer pre-select for the employee, pre-select categories with a shortlist, or give the employee freedom to select any supplier on the market? For each choice we have a dedicated Benivo feature set to deliver on your specific program needs.

If vendors are pre-selected by the employer, then digital briefings and vendor integrations are critical for knowing what to expect. If categories are pre-selected with a shortlist, then insights from colleagues about how to decide is a game changer. When employees are given freedom to select anyone on the market, then guidance through finding the support you need and leveraging the digital destinations support built-in becomes the focus.

HR benefits from one platform to match to your various designs, and policy changes in the future. We invite you to explore the cost implications of your design choices with the Benivo team.


Cash-Outs, No Cash-Outs, or a Combo

If the company offer $X for support category A, does the employee have the option to cash-out for $X or a percent of $X? Is that true for all support categories or just a few? When cash-outs are offered, the majority of employees take it. That is usually a good thing for the employer's bottom line but leaves the employee operating on their own. 

The Benivo approach solves the problem by including full Digital Destinations support with every platform license, offering a complete digital support experience to accompany your core offerings. Benivo can also deliver the money faster and cheaper than anyone on the market and provide more cash-flow to employees with PayLater - a repayable, interest-free cash advance that employees repay after they are being paid. No payroll involved.


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Save 30-70% on overall costs. Increase employee NPS scores by >50%.


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