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New Blueprint for Global Mobility: Relocation Services + Mobility Tech

Optimizing the Employee Experience

Benivo's Core-Flex technology solution optimizes employee experience by:

  • Leveraging AI, vendor and expense management, and big data
  • Offering an Amazon-like experience with points or currency
  • Consolidating complex processes into one platform
  • Providing valuable insights and real-time data
  • Enabling global mobility teams to focus on strategy rather than administrative tasks

This reinvented approach manages the additional complexity of Core-Flex policies while making programs smarter and more efficient.

Benivo Template for Employee Feedback Net Promoter Score (NPS) featured

Deliver a Wow Experience

  • Better clarity with real-time milestone tracking available for the employee, the consultant, and GM
  • Value-add benefits for employees
  • Support for partners/spouses
  • Experienced relocation consultant to help make budget decisions

Service Flexibility and Quality

  • Excellent vendors with escalations and exceptions support
  • One end-to-end platform, and customer service by live chat, phone, email or Benivo tickets
  • Advice and support for those who prefer to do it themselves

The platform includes 3 key components

Helping employees make decisions by learning from their colleagues — the Amazon-like experience

Take for example an employee doing a school search — they may find one that has 20%+ of their peers choosing it, but then they notice the reviews are poor. This information may help them decide that that school is not for them and they should save their points for other services. Afterall, this is how your employees make decisions every day.

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Improving DEI&B and providing more flexibility

For some employees, traditional mobility services are not relevant, and they end up with a poor experience. Perhaps they have special needs or would like other benefits. We extend the range of available choices with a list of lifestyle benefits and services that are not in the traditional mobility supply chain but help with critical needs, for example a handyman, purchasing furniture, a meal for the first night, or additional cleaning 

Automating vendor initiations

Once employees make their selections, we can submit their choices for review by the relocation consultant/in-house team or automatically authorize the vendors. It is like a checkout feature. Employees can change their mind at any time before they check out.
Initiating flex vendors

The Benivo solution is creating the ability to enable faster decisions using a self-service model in a way that is very intuitive for employees.

  • Employees review the status of services selected — just like tracking an Amazon order or a food delivery. Benivo has gamified the sharing of experiences through a rewards system, this in turn helps others learn from past experiences
  • The solution is built upon access to any vendor on the market with star rating and reviews from trusted colleagues, a no kickbacks policy to ensure zero bias, recommendations by peers, and comprehensive self-serve settling-in support

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