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A customisable digital foundation to run your core-flex policy.

For everyone in the process.

The Benivo platform supports every touchpoint to your core-flex program, assisting talent, hiring managers, global mobility, employees and vendors to act efficiently and with the right information at their fingertips


For Talent, Hiring Managers and Global Mobility

  • Policy framework education for talent team & hiring managers.
  • Initial package core & flex selections, cost estimates and approvals.
  • Benefits grouping per policy or customised per individual.
  • Points-based, managed budget, or service count policy approaches.
  • Employee workflow initiation.
  • Direct and indirect cost collect. 
  • Total comp reporting.
  • Optional support for cash-out. 

For Employees

  • Self-service benefit selection module on the platform. 
  • Insights from colleagues about their choices. 
  • Star ratings & reviews about services.
  • Alternative benefits such as store vouchers, cleaning and kids activities.
  • Dashboards for tracking budget and spending.
  • Extra support features on Benivo.


Added-value to Core benefits

The Benivo platform experience comes built-in with a number of features that enhance the quality of your Core benefits offering at no additional cost. Place these together with your compliance-driven items like immigration and tax to deliver more value and a better employee experience. 

  • Partner/Spouse Support - every Benivo user can invite their partner/spouse to a support experience built for them. 
  • Digital Destinations - Self-guided support with insights from colleagues about housing, settling-in and life-style in a new city.  
  • PayLater - Repayable, 0% cash advances for employees to cover relocation spending.   
  • Social networking - connect socially with movers for advice and support.
  • Community Reviews - Amazon-style service provider star ratings and reviews. 
  • Actions - a smart, e-counselor experience guiding process with todos, explainers and resources. 
  • Welcome Gift Experience - your employees get a gift, give to a cause and double their giving by sharing insights about their move. 
  • BenivoTrackers - Status updates on service-delivery progress by 3rd parties. 


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Save 30-70% on overall costs. Increase employee NPS scores by >50%.


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