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Features Library

Browse the standard features, free add-ons and paid add-ons powering Benivo's products.

Action Hub


Action Hub shows your employees what they need to do, how to get it done, and when to complete it. All in bite-sized content with built in forms, workflows, and automatic reminders. Stop chasing the employees and see live reports on their progress.

Colleague Insights


Help your employees prep for their new destination with stats, intel and tips from their colleagues - like your own private Amazon or TripAdvisor for relocation. The best sources of insights for your employees are their colleagues who are local to the area and those who navigated the relocation to that destination in the past.

Automagic Forms


Several partners are involved in helping your employees - tax, immigrations, relocation services, internal support functions. Each party who helps your employees has to collect basic info. Automagic Benivo forms means your employees only need to do this one time for all services - works like magic.

Unlimited Locations


Deliver a consistent experience to all your employees. From a small town to a large city. We can go live in any location in less than 1 day. As your business footprint expands, your mobility needs expand. The Benivo platform expands with you, adding any new office or project destination on demand, as you need it.



A single source of truth with all the information you need. Use our templates or let us customize to your needs. From activation and feedback to usage and dashboard. And yes, you can easily export it to Excel. 

Look & Feel Branding


Your Benivo platform is an extension of your HR team. The entire Benivo digital experience is look and feel customised to your brand identity. You are providing the support to your employees and we believe that your brand should get the credit.

Mobile App


Employees want to use work tools in the same way that they use apps and services in their consumer lives. Mobile-first is critical. The Benivo platform is 100% mobile optimised with native iOS and Android apps available. Your employees can get support anytime, anywhere, on any device. 



The Benivo platform supports machine translation to 103 international languages so your employees and their partners can switch to the language they are most comfortable in. Our content & UX is purposefully written with clean simple phrasing for high translation accuracy. One click and voila!

Digital Destinations


Digital versions of all Destination Services come built-in to the Benivo platform for all your global locations -- Area Orientation, Housing, Settling-In, Culture & Language, Lifestyle and more. You can further customise the experience by adding your ecosystem partner content and map them into the process.



Interactive tools for your employees to master the market with tips and star ratings from their colleagues including: Where to live, norms for prices, accommodation types and commuting, where and how to search the market, managing viewings, negotiating prices, passing referencing, understanding your contract and local renting laws and avoiding scams & frauds.

Customer Service


Benivo believes in platform + people. Technology services are fantastic for convenience and when you need help -- a person should be there. Customer service can be available to your employees 7-days a week by email, whatsapp, live chat and phone.

Partners & Spouses


Deliver partner/spouse support in all of your policies with Benivo licenses. Your employees can invite their partner to a dedicated version of the platform built for them. The experience delivers support to the key themes for trailing partners - family, career, educational and social life, area orientation, destination settling-in, housing and new city lifestyle. Use Benivo to make every partner welcome.

Scam Protection


Sending a deposit to nowhere or booking an accommodation that doesn't exist can happen, especially to first time movers to a new city. Benivo offers dedicated education, examples to watch out for, and a support team for a back-up resource to double check if your employees have a doubt.

Digital Briefs


Your team should not provide the same information over and over again on phone briefs. Instead, Benivo provide bite-size digital briefs with tracking. No one can say "I didn't hear it on the call, or I didn't know about it" anymore. Free your team from repetitive work so they can focus on value-add consultative work.

Country Settling-In


From opening a bank account, choosing a mobile plan, register with local authorities or change a driving licenses for a US domestic move. We have it covered. Easy to use briefs to ensure your employees are prepared before their start date. Bonus - employees can use Social Insights to learn from their colleagues experiences.

T&I Integrations

Free Add-ons

Integrate systems with your Tax and Immigration providers for a more seamless user experience. Push and pull data to increase process speed, display statuses within Benivo, reduce error and make life easier for your employee. Benivo does not charge for integrations.

Initiate Vendors

Free Add-ons

Initiate all your vendors in a single place in one go.  Never fill the same information more than once, save time and reduce manual errors. Plug in your existing vendors, Benivo does not have its own vendors network.


Free Add-ons

Customise the Action Hub with workflows through your key internal processes. Define processes once and enable employees to self-guide without chasing and hand-holding by HR. You can lock actions, create dependencies, add any form, define deadlines. Need to change a workflow? It's fast and easy.

Relocation Allowance

Free Add-ons

Benivo has 10 years experience in automating payments globally. We'll deliver any amount, in any currency, to any location, fast. Multiple payout methods including bank transfer, pre-paid cards for online bookings and digital wallets. Delivery is free of charge with a working fund when you purchase Benivo licenses. An add-on fee applies if no working fund is provided.


Free Add-ons

Your employees don't want to download a form, print, sign, scan, and email to you. Instead, save time and reduce errors with a digital signature powered by Docusign.


Free Add-ons

Reimagine your core-flex program with Benivo. We make it beautiful and easy for HR to decide on which policy items they make available and for employees to select based on insights from their colleagues - what benefits they chose and how it worked out. Just like you'd decide in real life. If you want, we can then automatically initiate your relevant vendors.

Keep Warm

Free Add-ons

Early career recruitment cycles mean a long wait between offers being accepted and day 1 on the job. Leverage the Keep Warm add-on for early careers to build excitement to join, stay connected and reinforce candidate commitment during the pre-boarding phase.

Company Content

Free Add-ons

Use the WorkLife section on the Benivo platform to house your top content, highlight company benefits and build excitement to start a new job or move to a new office.

Cost Analysis

Free Add-ons

Aggregate costs from vendor input, match your internal templates, and save manual work. Access a single source of truth to analyse your actual cost per employee, group by policies and/or regions, and compare easily against projections.

Expense Management

Free Add-ons

Let your employees manage their expenses easily in a single place. Provide fast automatic reimbursements to your employees, and benefit from easy to use reporting. Free with a working fund. A small fee applies if a working fund is not provided.

Employee Location

Free Add-ons

At times of crisis you need to know the location of your employees. Benivo provides a data privacy compliance solution to find the last location of your employees and their dependent. Use this add-on to improve compliance and to optimize your planning and resources allocation.

Key Contacts

Free Add-ons

Use the Benivo platform to load all the key contacts who will help your employee into one, centralised, easy-to-access place. Include all internal contacts like Global Mobility, AskHR and the Travel Desk, as well as external contacts supporting your employees like Tax, Immigration, Relocation, Shipping, Destination Services and more.

Welcome Gift Experience

The Welcome Gift Experience offers a special touch of surprise and delight to new joiners and new arivals alike. First, your employees celebrate their opportunity and select a personal gift - from you to them. Next, they select a charitable cause to support and give forward to those with less opportunity, and if they answer more than 30 Social Insights questions, they can double their donation!


PayLater is the simplest solution to solve cash flow for your employees. Your employees can access interest-free cash to pay upfront expenses such as rent & deposit, the repay by instalments starting after they get paid. Like a salary advance program, but you don't need to administrate it. No changes to your current payroll processes are required.

PayLater Limit Increase

At standard pricing, PayLater gives your employees access to up to $3,800 to pay upfront costs. You can increase the limit for an additional fee to meet your policy & program requirements. Contact Benivo to discuss pricing.

$1 Disbursements

You can start right away with Benivo's system with $1 disbursements. You provide Benivo a working fund. Benivo uses our payouts system to disburse funds to your employees. They choose between bank transfer, pre-paid card and digital wallet delivery. You pay $1 per disbursement -- It's that simple. 


Analyze your savings potential with Benivo.

We expect to save you 30-70% on overall costs, and increase NPS scores by >50%.