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New Blueprint for Global Mobility: Relocation Services + Mobility Tech

Benivo Supply Partners offer a comprehensive and seamless relocation experience with vetted and approved providers ensuring global coverage. 

Global supply chain network

  • Vetted and approved providers
  • Global coverage
  • Full range of services 

Full range of services include:

  • Orientation/Pre-Arrival Visit
  • Home Finding
  • Lease Coordination & Utilities
  • Settling In
  • School Search 
  • Car Rental 
  • Airport Transfer 
  • Departure Assistance
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Language Training
  • Cross-Cultural Training
  • Rental Assistance (including touring)
  • Rental Assistance - Self Serve (touring not included)
  • Home Sale Marketing Assistance   
  • Home Sale Direct Reimbursement 
  • Home Sale BVO   
  • Home Sale GBO   
  • Home Finding/Purchase Assistance with Mortgage 
  • Tenancy Management, incl. Rent Payment 
  • Pet Shipment
  • Car Shipment
  • Partner Assistance 
  • Lease Renewal
  • Temporary Accommodation 
  • Household Goods 
  • Household Goods Shipping Estimates
  • Discard & Donate
  • Education

Global Expertise

  • End-to-end coordination by Benivo
  • Contracted, paid and managed by Benivo
  • Transparent + live performance visibility
  • Reduce data security breach risks by 97%
  • For VIPs - White glove & concierge upgrades available

Full transparency

  • All communication is logged on the platform giving access to Global Mobility, if they need it
  • AI Dashboards help identify and resolve potential process failures to reduce escalations
  • Sentiment analysis automatically flag cases for review
  • Pulse survey and feedback shared in real time to optimize the employee experience

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