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The Importance of Immigration Compliance for Remote Work Programs

As remote work arrangements become more popular across organizations globally, mobility teams must understand and address the associated immigration risks and compliance considerations. In our recent The View From The Top show, Charlotte Wills from the Fragomen, discussed the key drivers behind the rise of remote work policies, including accessing global talent pools, enhancing employee experience, and aligning with government initiatives like digital nomad visas.

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Global Talent Mobility: Making the Dream a Reality

At many organizations, global mobility has historically been viewed as just dealing with visas, taxes, and operational compliance. However, leading companies are now recognizing the strategic value that mobility can provide by enabling the acquisition, development, deployment, and retention of global talent.

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Unleashing the Power of Generative AI for Global Mobility

The explosive growth of generative AI is creating waves of excitement and apprehension in the workplace. But for global mobility professionals, this disruptive technology presents an opportunity to reimagine their role and deliver even greater value.

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Managing Ambiguity in Global Mobility

As a global mobility professional, you will inevitably face periods of ambiguity and uncertainty—whether it's due to mergers and acquisitions, changes in leadership, economic volatility, or global disruptions. Having the right mindset and strategies to navigate ambiguity is crucial for maintaining operational excellence and supporting your mobile employees.

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Immigration Implications of South Africa's Upcoming Elections

With critically important national elections happening at the end of this month in South Africa, there are some key immigration implications that employers need to be aware of.

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