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Moving With Kids: Putting Family First in International Relocation

International assignments are often viewed solely from the perspective of the employee being relocated for work. But what about their families, especially children? Relocating to another country can be incredibly disruptive and challenging for kids who must leave behind friends, schools, and extended families. 

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Introducing Benivo Messaging – Revolutionizing Global Mobility Communication

In the dynamic field of global mobility, effective communication is the cornerstone of success. We're excited to unveil a game-changing tool in this domain: Benivo Messaging. This innovative feature, now integrated into the Benivo platform, is set to revolutionize how employees, service providers, and clients collaborate and communicate.

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The Future is Bright: How Technology is Enabling Strategic Mobility

The world of global mobility is changing rapidly. Historically, mobility professionals have often been stuck in a reactive, operational role - dealing with urgent tasks and "putting out fires" rather than thinking strategically. But new technologies like Benivo's Unified Mobility Platform have emerged. They can automate repetitive tasks and provide data-driven insights, allowing mobility teams to become true strategic partners to their organizations.

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Mobilizing the Modern Workforce: Business Travel Trends and Strategies

As we venture through the balance of 2023 and beyond, the future of business travel is being shaped by various emerging trends, reflecting changing corporate needs and attitudes, technologies, sustainability considerations, and shifts prompted by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. These developments call for a thoughtful reimagining of traditional business travel and require corporations to rethink their strategies.

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Launching Talent Beyond Borders: Lessons from NASA’s ex HR Chief

In our most recent The View From The Top show, host Brian Friendman spoke with Brady Helms, ex-Deputy Head of HR at Nasa. His experiences recruiting and training astronauts have valuable implications for mobility leaders launching talent around the world. Here are some key insights from their conversation:

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