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Benivo wins recognition and awards at the FEM AMERICAS

The good news keep a-rollin in!

This time from sunny San Diego where the Forum of Expatriate Management (FEM) held their yearly EMMAS awards on 24 May.

Benivo has won fantastic industry recognition not in one, but two categories:

Rising Star in Global Mobility (winner)

Best use of Technology (Highly commended)

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Brian Friedman: Is the Mobility Industry consolidating?

Every morning when I check my emails, I seem to hear news of yet another merger or acquisition in the relocation space. So what’s going on? Why is there so much merger activity and, more importantly, where is this all going to end up?

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Benivo in the Global Mobility Ecosystem - Benivo Webinars

A session with Brian Friedman (Strategy Director and FEM Founder) and Matthew Chic (Chief Commercial Officer) for relocation industry professionals to learn more about Benivo, explore our products, understand what we do and don't do, and how we might collaborate.

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A head start for the best teachers - Benivo’s social impact partnership with Teach First

Benivo is proud to announce our partnership with Teach First. We will be working together to ensure that no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background. 

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Invest one hour in a better welcome - and improve retention by up to 50%

Recent research by Harvard Business School and London Business School reveals that a better welcome results in a hugely improved employee experience and higher retention.

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