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The Changing Landscape of Immigration in the Middle East

The Middle East is undergoing major changes that are impacting immigration and global mobility in the region. With global economic growth slowing, geopolitical tensions rising, and oil prices fluctuating, Middle Eastern countries are urgently working to diversify their economies away from a dependence on oil. These diversification efforts are creating new opportunities for foreign companies and workers, while also spurring updates to immigration policies.

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Sustainability and Global Mobility at Siemens

Global mobility programs enable companies to send employees around the world, but they also come with a significant environmental footprint from travel and relocations. Companies like Siemens are putting sustainability at the forefront of their global mobility strategy. In a recent The View From The Top show, we were joined by special guests from Siemens - Meike Geiken and Jonathan Keag to discuss their strategy.

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Revolutionizing Relocation - Where High-Tech Meets High-Touch

Relocating to a new country can be an incredibly stressful and complex experience for employees. Traditionally, companies have offered either a high-tech self-service approach or high-touch white-glove relocation support, but not both. However, a new integrated model aims to provide the best of both worlds.

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The Rise of Commuter Assignments: Trends, Challenges, and Recommendations

The world of work has seen significant shifts in recent years, with businesses adapting to new norms. Among these shifts, the growing trend of international commuter assignments has been particularly noteworthy. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, commuter assignments refer to a work arrangement where employees operate in a country different from their usual place of residence for a defined period, perhaps a portion of their working week, returning home for the remainder. These arrangements have grown in popularity, largely as a legacy of the pandemic-driven need for flexible work solutions. But what do they entail, and how can companies optimize them? Let's dive in.

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The Power of Giving Back: A Conversation with Industry Leaders

In Benivo's first The View From The Top show of 2024, Brian Friedman had the pleasure of speaking with three leaders in the talent mobility industry - Kyle D'Souza (CISO), Ray Kirby (Qualcomm), and Sushma Manoor (Wipro) - about the importance of community involvement and giving back. These three individuals were nominated by their peers as "Top 100 Community Champions" for the meaningful work they do to support others, both inside and outside of their companies.

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