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Your Top 100 Diversity Champions for 2023

Diversity is top of everyone’s corporate agenda but nonetheless most companies’ expat profiles are often anything but. What can we all do to broaden our assignee profiles to be much more diverse and inclusive?

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Microsoft and Benivo: Revolutionizing Global Mobility

Last week's episode of The View From The Top brought together two influential leaders in the tech industry, Juan Carlos Gonzalez of Microsoft and Nitzan Yudan of Benivo. The episode was not only an insightful and engaging discussion but also marked the official reveal of #BenivoGPT, a groundbreaking set of AI tools designed to revolutionize the Global Mobility industry. The conversation shed light on the inspiring journeys of these leaders and how they are leveraging technology to enhance employee experiences and simplify administrative tasks.

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Introducing BenivoGPT...Your Global Mobility Superpower!

GPT & AI is transforming the world, and now BenivoGPT is here to transform Global Mobility! Mobility is complex, managing numerous vendors who communicate with employees. It's difficult to catch issues before they escalate with so many messages and conversations happening every day. But with BenivoGPT, you gain a powerful new superpower.

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FEM Americas EMMA Winner: Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Assignee Management

Benivo wins the 2023 FEM award in the Americas for the "Most innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility - Assignee Management". This brings Benivo's total industry awards to 13 in just five years! Congratulations to our amazing clients, changemakers, and employees.

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Global Mobility at Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the titans of tech with over 200,000 employees and over $70 billion revenues. It has been at the forefront of technology development since its launch in 1975 and has recently consolidated its leading edge credentials with a multi-billion dollar investment in OpenAI (the owners of ChatGPT).

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