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How Temporary Workplace Relief (TWR) Saves You And Your Employee Thousands

Temporary Workplace Relief, an HMRC tax and social security break for companies and employees, is applicable in cases of long-term, project-based temporary assignments. It can save you a LOT of money. 

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Hire Globally (Part 1)

There is a world of opportunity outside our borders. If you are a company in Europe and you aren’t actively recruiting junior staff internationally, you’re missing out on a huge pool of talent and diversity.

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Five Ways To Roll Out The Red Carpet For Your Relocating Employees

Nothing worth having comes easy. Especially not A-Player job candidates. Companies outbid each other in perks and beef up salary offers to secure the best and brightest applicants for themselves.

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Welcome Benivo, Goodbye FlatClub.

After six years, it’s time to say goodbye to our consumer business FlatClub. We are now fully focused on the needs of our corporate clients and are relaunching as Benivo, with the mission to Make Every Employee Welcome.

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Is Benivo a relocation management company?

Short answer: No. But where do we fit between and RMCs (Relocation Management Companies) and DSPs (Destination Services Providers)? 

Benivo is on a mission to make every relocation employee welcome, without breaking the budget. Benivo is rather unique - we are not a Relocation Management Company (RMC) and not a Destination Services Provider (DSP). In fact, almost all our clients already have RMC and DSPs. So how is Benivo different?

We specilise in optimising the Welcome Experience and Employer Brand NPS. Our solution set addresses relocating employees and local new hires. We can be a stand alone solution for some audiences and use cases, or a value-add enhancement to any policy.

Let us clarify.

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