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Case Study: Instantly Book Temporary Accommodation

A F500 technology company needed to reduce temporary accommodation supply chain cybersecurity risk and replace a very slow, time-consuming process to book temporary accommodation. The status quo today involves a multi-step process.

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Case study: End-to-end solution for Global Mobility

A large American e-commerce company was looking for the holy grail of Global Mobility in one platform.

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Case Study: Automating Repetitive Work

A large IT provider sends project-based assignees all over the world. However, they found that their delivery model wasn’t scalable for fluctuating volumes. There were too many layers and handoffs between internal teams, external suppliers, and sub-supplier networks.

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Remote Work Benchmark Report: Updated August 2022

Remote Work is the hottest topic in Global Mobility today. Countless CEOs have come out either strongly in favour of Remote Work or strongly opposed. But what is the market actually doing, and how are the lived experiences of mobility professionals?

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Immigration Update, July 27, 2022

In case you missed this week's season finale of The View From The Top, here is the Immigration update for the week of July 27, 2022 from Fragomen's Julia Onslow Cole.

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