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Harnessing AI to Revolutionize Global Mobility Support

AI is cutting-edge technology that offers immense potential to streamline and enhance global mobility programs. In one of our recent shows, we had an insightful discussion on how AI can support global mobility managers and revolutionize the employee relocation experience. The experts explained how purpose-built AI tools like Benivo GPT leverage advanced natural language processing to automate administrative tasks, provide personalized support, and unlock actionable insights.

For instance, AI can now instantly draft customized communications for employees about relocation policies, benefits, and tax/immigration implications. It can research destination guides, create cost estimates, track service provider performance, and so much more. With conversational abilities, the AI assistant understands context and policies to provide tailored guidance.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis capabilities take it a step further by evaluating tones of messages and conversations to identify issues proactively. By scanning interactions on the platform, the AI can detect if an employee is frustrated and quickly summarize the situation so managers can address problems before they escalate.

Company-specific Data

The key is training the AI on company-specific data like relocation handbooks, customs, and vendor networks. This domain expertise makes the support highly relevant. Since AI doesn’t sleep, take holidays, or demand raises, it serves as a phenomenal always-on team member to offload administrative work. Of course, managers still need to review recommendations and should consult official advisors when making impactful decisions. But it’s clear that AI is primed to change global mobility programs for the better. The intelligent tools increase productivity, foster work-life balance, personalized support, and create smoother end-to-end relocation experiences.

It’s an exciting time to harness automation and data-driven insights. I highly recommend learning more about how AI can assist your global mobility efforts by boosting efficiency, engagement, and strategic priorities. The future is here – let’s embrace it.

You can view the complete discussion here.

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Michelle Curran
Created on 15-2-2024