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We believe in the power of innovation. We're proud of our culture of agility, speed, and our dedication to pioneering new technology. At Benivo, our passion is providing our clients with state-of-the-art tools and the expertise they need to outpace their competition. Your success is our goal.

Venturing Beyond The Horizon with GPT

We live in an era where technology is constantly evolving, and GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) is at the forefront. GPT is an exciting AI technology that holds the potential to revolutionize various aspects of your workplace, including boosting productivity and efficiency.

At Benivo, we have harnessed this technology to serve you better. We use the GPT API to ensure data privacy and create a resultant data privacy compliance-ready solution for corporates. Named BenivoGPT, this proprietary technology ensures your sensitive data remains confidential and doesn't get shared with external parties like OpenAI. (Learn more about our AI data privacy statement.)

Introducing BenivoGPT:

Your Superpower for Global Mobility

The applications of GPT are endless, and its potential to transform the work environment is phenomenal. As part of our innovation culture, we're leveraging this technology to provide you with BenivoGPT.


Proactive Issue Management

As Mobility Managers, one common issue is discovering vendor problems too late. With BenivoGPT, you'll gain early insights, allowing for proactive problem-solving and avoidance of escalations. The system captures, summarizes, and analyzes all employee and vendor interactions, including emails and calls, flagging potential issues before they escalate. It's a game-changer, and it's going to revolutionize how you manage your operations.

Unified Data Consolidation

Data scattering is a significant challenge in today's complex business environment. Our solution? Benivo's Unified Mobility solution, further enhanced by BenivoGPT. We connect data from multiple sources, streamline data reconciliation, and provide critical insights to help you drive strategic decisions.


Qualitative Feedback Analysis

At Benivo, we understand the power of feedback in improving the employee experience. BenivoGPT allows us to delve into the depth of qualitative feedback, enabling us to extract crucial insights from thousands of comments. These insights help you in refining policies, improving service levels, and ensuring maximum satisfaction.

What sets BenivoGPT apart is its commitment to ethical AI. Benivo ensures legal compliance and eliminates the risk of discrimination, giving you the peace of mind you need to do your job with confidence.

So if you're ready to unlock your superpowers and take your Global Mobility game to the next level, contact us today.

BenivoGPT - your superpower for Global Mobility!

  • Is personal identifiable information shared?

    It is important to note that we do not use machine learning at Benivo, or permit our sub processors to use machine learning, for the purpose of analyzing Personal Identifiable Information (“PII”). We do use AI for monitoring purposes to ensure that vendors meet service level agreements in a timely manner, and for generic tax calculations and payment processes. At no point do we permit an AI or ML tool to access any PII.
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  • Does client data get shared with public tools?

    No, our proprietary technology ensures your sensitive data remains confidential and doesn't get shared with external parties like OpenAI.

    Our commitment to data privacy and information security is unwavering, and we are transparent in our approach to the use of AI and ML technologies.

    Please read more here.

  • Does client data get shared with other Benivo clients?

    No it does not. However, you do have the option to opt-in to share this information. 

  • Can I define the data sources to use for BenivoGPT with my organization?

    Yes, you define what materials we will use to train BenivoGPT specifically for your organization. Materials can include policies, data, experience and much more.  This information is specific to your organization and will not get shared by Benivo with other Benivo clients (unless you opt-in) or with public tools.