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Employee Experience Engineering - a systematic approach to building your Employer Brand

We are launching a series of white papers on the topic of Employee Experience.

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The True Cost of a Poor Relocation Experience - $8k wasted and 33% Brand Value Lost

In conjunction with the London Business School community, we at Benivo have conducted 30 interviews with IT Engineers who relocated from India to Europe on temporary assignments.

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Britain Needs Talent

With more companies reporting a drop in EU applications for graduate, multilingual, and tech positions as a result of Brexit, it becomes clear that Britain should take a number of immediate steps to ensure Britain’s got talent.

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Why Supporting Relocation for Early Careers, Self Initiates & New Hires Should Be a Higher Priority

It is time to strike the words “our employees take care of their own relocation” out of your HR department’s vocabulary. The reason is simple: They-Do-It-Themselves is a policy that risks to cost a company more than the price of support. And that's before the upside is accounted for.

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Benivo Shortlisted for 2 FEM Awards

We are excited to be shortlisted by the FEM EMMA, the worldwide community for Global Mobility, for two prestigious awards: “Best use of Technology” and “Rising star in Global Mobility”. The FEM recognises the importance of our mission: to make every relocating employee welcome, without breaking the budget.

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