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Where do our Rising Stars see our industry going, and what are their predictions for the future of global mobility?

This week's The View From the Top was hosted by the wonderful Peggy Smith who took over the hot seat from Brian. Peggy was joined by the recently nominated Top 100 Stars Kayla Arroyave - Twitter, Cheyenne Bryant - BD, and Stephanie Coon - Walmart.

In the show, Peggy discussed generational issues with our newly nominated Rising Stars. They talked about intercultural differences and intergenerational cultural differences within our own industry. Here are some highlights from the discussion:

What would our rising stars teach us?

  • Technology is tough to integrate into the workspace as there is always something new. We are constantly adapting and ready to learn. We should start using incredible platforms (like Benivo), and incorporate them into our workstreams.
  • Process optimization — make things faster and easier for our customers/assignees. Provide updates in real time, make them available on their phone so candidates are part of their mobility process.
  • Focus on more creative solutions and provide a centralized customer experience.

If you could ask leadership to do one thing, what would that be?

  • More sustainable relocation and global mobility. How can we integrate sustainability into our specific company models?
  • Review all processes — what's working, what's not, and where can we improve? Listen to the people doing the work — take ideas from all around you. This will allow you to build in efficiencies and be more impactful to the business and assignees.
  • Always think outside the box — find different ways to solve the same problem.

20 years ahead what would you say to yourself?

  • The plan isn't always going to work out and that's ok. We couldn't plan for the pandemic, we had to adapt and come up with solutions to new problems.
  • Just because your path looks different doesn't mean it's wrong. You can still get to where you want to be.
  • Don’t stop, there is more to be done.

As rising stars, where do you consume your news?

Social media was the overwhelming response on where this generation of rising stars consume their news. Are you speaking to them in the channels they engage with?

How would you improve the assignee experience? 

  • Technology — Create a platform for real time updates for where assignees are in the process.
  • Eliminate some administrative burdens from the mobility team so they can be more engaged with assignees, and ready to provide creative solutions as the need arises — be more proactive and less reactive.
  • Relieving administrative burdens allow us to service our clients with a more white glove approach.

What will the future of mobility look like what's going well and what's missing?

  • More emphasis on remote work will change some of what we do, especially in relation to compliance. This builds greater credibility with the business.
  • Mobility finally has a seat at the table.
  • Global mobility will be more involved with remote work —
    whether international or domestic, our teams will help manage workforce flexibility.

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Michelle Curran
Created on 2-6-2022