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Russ Haynie

Russ Haynie has over 30 years of mobility industry experience. As Client Advisor, he partners with Benivo's clients to develop and optimize best practice mobility benefits.
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Budget or Points? A Core-Flex Conundrum

We continue to see many companies making a move away from traditional mobility benefits approaches toward core-flex structures. These policy types aim to balance consistency and control over core provisions with flexibility for employees to make individualized choices among a set of flexible benefits. Technology is increasingly enabling these more complex benefit structures by automating much of the give-and-take workflow that comes with accommodating benefit choices. This automation also avoids burdening program managers with a cumbersome gatekeeper role just at a time when we know they are striving to elevate their roles as strategic contributors. 

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Just Say Yes to Benchmarking

Survey fatigue is real. As a mobility program manager, you are likely to be on the receiving end of requests to participate in industry benchmarking initiatives on a nearly daily basis. If you have sponsored a benchmark survey recently, you may have also noticed how difficult it can be to entice targeted companies to participate.

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2023 Core-Flex Mobility Policy Benchmark Report

In today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving business landscape, organizations are constantly searching for ways to enhance talent management, improve employee experiences, and address the diverse needs of their workforces. Enter the core-flex mobility policy, an innovative approach to employee mobility benefits that has gained significant traction in recent years.

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Mobility Trends Leading the Pack

Mobility programs like any key business functions have always been susceptible to the economic shifts that can pressure teams to pivot with little notice. For program managers, the perennial challenge is balancing the day-to-day logistics of executing excellent move experiences with keeping an eye on emerging trends in order to move the course of the program toward future success.  

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Data-Driven and Strategic: Welcome to Benivo's Client Advisory Services

Whether concurrent with newly adopting the Beneivo platform or on an ongoing basis, we have found that our clients are leveraging our technology to optimize mobility benefits. Zippy and flexible fintech solutions are enabling a revisit of traditional mobility allowances. Workflow automation and seamlessly integrated data exchanges between employees, mobility teams and service providers are leading companies to adopt creative and flexible program structures.

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