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New Blueprint for Global Mobility: Relocation Services + Mobility Tech

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Russ Haynie

Russ Haynie has over 30 years of mobility industry experience. As Client Advisor, he partners with Benivo's clients to develop and optimize best practice mobility benefits.
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Incremental Innovation: Adopting Gradual Iterative Deployment in Global Mobility

In the rapidly evolving world of global mobility, the need for adaptive and responsive policy development has never been greater. Drawing inspiration from the tech sector, the concept of gradual iterative deployment presents a compelling strategy for mobility professionals. This approach, rooted in the tech industry's method of rolling out updates, offers a blueprint for managing the complexities of global mobility in a more measured, data-driven, and risk-managed manner.

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The Rise of Commuter Assignments: Trends, Challenges, and Recommendations

The world of work has seen significant shifts in recent years, with businesses adapting to new norms. Among these shifts, the growing trend of international commuter assignments has been particularly noteworthy. If you're unfamiliar with the concept, commuter assignments refer to a work arrangement where employees operate in a country different from their usual place of residence for a defined period, perhaps a portion of their working week, returning home for the remainder. These arrangements have grown in popularity, largely as a legacy of the pandemic-driven need for flexible work solutions. But what do they entail, and how can companies optimize them? Let's dive in.

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The Future Landscape of Global Mobility: 2024 and Beyond

The corporate global mobility landscape is at a pivotal juncture, influenced by the changing dynamics of the modern workforce and technological advancements. Companies are reevaluating their strategies so it's imperative to understand the trends shaping the future of mobility. Recent benchmark surveys conducted by Benivo provide a wealth of insights into these emerging trends, offering a glimpse into how corporate mobility benefits and policies are likely to evolve.

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Crafting Mobility Benefits for a New Hybrid Work Era

  • In today's ever-evolving work landscape, the emergence of hybrid work arrangements is reshaping the way we think about office space, productivity, and employee wellbeing. According to the Survey of Workplace Attitudes and Arrangements (SWAA), a recurring monthly survey conducted by WFH Research, work-from-home arrangements are stabilizing at about 25% of full work days, a 5-fold jump from 2019. For many global mobility program managers, this transition is not without its challenges, particularly when it involves asking remote employees to commute to an office that's not feasibly accessible from their current remote locations. 
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Mobilizing the Modern Workforce: Business Travel Trends and Strategies

As we venture through the balance of 2023 and beyond, the future of business travel is being shaped by various emerging trends, reflecting changing corporate needs and attitudes, technologies, sustainability considerations, and shifts prompted by the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. These developments call for a thoughtful reimagining of traditional business travel and require corporations to rethink their strategies.

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