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Global Mobility

Improve transferee, assignee and mover experience without breaking the budget.

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A modern, self-serve, experience.

Expectations have changed for access to information. It needs to be available anytime, personalised to you, delivered at the right time, and easy to consume anywhere. Benivo brings this approach to Destination support.
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Low cost. High impact.

Benivo offers you a new option to compliment your existing Destination Services offerings, or introduce Destination support where none exists in your policies today. You can offer 12 months of digital support for the approximate cost of 1 day of traditional, on-the-ground services. 
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Flexible within your ecosystem.

Benivo is ready to work with your suppliers. We can deliver direct to clients, via relocation management company programs, or alongside other suppliers you manage directly. Read more about our approach to working with the relocation industry.

5 reasons why Global Mobility teams love Digital Destination Support

  • Enhance policies at low cost with self-serve support.
  • Offer a digital experience available 24/7 from any device.
  • Give better support to early-careers populations.
  • Save time answering less questions about destinations.
  • Optimise the pre-moving period by educating in advance.

It makes the process so much easier and removes any doubts you may otherwise have.

Rayhaan, moved for Vodafone and benefited from Digital Destination Support by Benivo

Products for Global Mobility Teams




Relocating Employees

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Client Case Studies

Making Locations Stand Out

Case Studies

Making Locations Stand Out

PwC is committed to sharing the best of the life-work lifestyle in company locations

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Outstanding Graduate Experience

Case Studies

Outstanding Graduate Experience

Vodafone invests in live-work lifestlye education for a better keep warm period.

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An outstanding welcome within budget

Case Studies

An outstanding welcome within budget

Hertz achieves 95% welcome experience satisfaction among international hires.

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The best support I have ever had. Benivo system helped me with everything, from the relocation to opening a bank account.

Elisa, moved for Houzz and benefited from Digital Destination Support by Benivo

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