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Relocation Management Companies

Benivo is a value-add partner to relocation management companies enabling a better experience to clients's transfers, new hires, expats, assignees and others.

Working with Relocation Management Companies

Benivo offers a new category of SaaS products offering digital destination support and scaleable welcome experience solutions to the relocation industry. Benivo's products offer unique features and benefits including access to interest-free money for employees, welcome packs and gifts, client-branded digital location platforms, action workflows and more. Our technology has a use case across many employee and policy profiles and can be deployed in unlimited global locations


Working with Clients

Clients value purchasing Benivo through their relocation management company for ease of procurement, contract management and achieving strong alignment to the rest of the relocation program. Benivo product can also offer a broader range of service options for relocating employees.


Current Relationships

Benivo is currently a supplier and value-add partner to many major relocation management companies, immigration service providers and technology vendors.  


Technology Integrations

Benivo believes it is critical to avoid redundancy and poor user experience through technology integrations including SSO and APIs to make systems more intelligent for the user and easier to use.  


Learn More

Please contact us to learn more about bringing Benivo on board as a supplier.