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Relocation Management Companies

Benivo is a value-add partner to RMCs enabling clients to deliver a better experience to entry-level employees, new hires and self-initiated movers.

Working with RMCs

Benivo is built to be an add-on to Relocation Management Companies to help cover needs and deliver assistance to new hires, early careers & entry-level employee populations inside global companies.

Our product suite is non-competitive and non-overlapping with core Relocation Management Company services such as immigration, household goods shipping, real estate buy & sell and tax services. 

Relocation Management Companies excel in logistics, supply chain knowledge, and customer service. Benivo shares the passion for outstanding customer service. 


Working with Clients

Client relationships are critical to delivering Benivo services which is why Benivo always requires a direct client relationship. Benivo platforms are customised to company brand, powered by Social Insights data which originates from client employees, and personalised to the company culture, office location and registrant profile. 

For the sake of optimising client meetings, Benivo can organise for client calls, reporting and other communication to be synced with a RMC Account team.


Working with Client Employees

Benivo believes it is critical to avoid redundancy and will work through all the details in an RMC managed ecosystem so that the end-user employees has the best experience possible. 


Current Relationships

Benivo currently shares clients with and works alongside leading RMCs including Sirva, Cartus, BGRS, Santa Fe, Altair, AIRES and NEI Global. Note that Benivo is not contracted through RMCs in these client examples. Benivo is separately partnered with Fragomen as our official partner of reference for provision of Global immigration services. 


Aligning Products & Services

Benivo offers the opportunity for a complete, one-stop-shop solution for new hires, early careers, graduates and entry-level employees. In most cases the full product suite is additive to any RMC provided services because early careers, graduates and entry-level employees are ususally underserved or unserved by existing solutions. However, in the case that a need is being otherwise met for a specific employee population, Benivo can configure the product suite to avoid misalignment or redundancy of services. 



Benivo can contract through an RMC to provide a single point of invoicing to a client, or contract directly with Human Resources & Recruitment teams. HR & Recruitment team contracting can be global or local. Contracting can also be managed through Global Mobility functions by client preference. 


Learn More

Please contact sales (at) benivo (dot) com if you work in Global Mobility, HR or recruitment to learn more about our add-on capabilities to your exiting RMC provided service suite.