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Head of Marketing, Benivo

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Latin America: A Region in Flux - Immigration Policy Updates

Recent political events across Latin America and the Caribbean have significantly impacted immigration policies in the region. 

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Big Tech Intern Mobility Benefits: Unveiling the Latest Trends

We're thrilled to present the findings from our recent benchmark study on intern mobility benefits in the tech industry. In April and May 2024, Benivo conducted an in-depth analysis, collaborating with mobility professionals from 11 leading technology companies to explore the landscape of intern support.

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European Elections and French Politics: Implications for Global Mobility

Recent political developments in Europe, particularly the European Parliament elections and the upcoming snap election in France, have potential implications for global mobility and immigration policies.

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The Importance of Benchmarking in Global Mobility

In today's rapidly evolving global mobility landscape, benchmarking has become essential for companies looking to stay competitive and provide the best possible experience for their mobile employees. As highlighted in our recent The View From The Top discussion featuring mobility experts Ellen Shipley from Slalom and Russ Haynie from Benivo, benchmarking offers crucial insights that can shape effective mobility programs.

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Starting Your Own Global Mobility Business: Insights from Two Successful Entrepreneurs

The global mobility industry is ripe with opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs willing to tackle long-standing challenges. Two shining examples are Lynn Greenberg, founder and CEO of Pivt, and Vivi Cahyadi Himmel, co-founder and CEO of AltoVita. Their journeys offer valuable insights for anyone considering launching their own global mobility venture.

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