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Circulating the Social Insights launch survey

Use the below template text in your comms channel of choic


The Social Insights launch survey

An introduction to Social Insights can be found on this page.

To overcome the obvious challenge of not having data from other employees to show for the first few moves across your office locations we ask clients to circulate a one-off 5-minute survey to previous relocators, and if possible, also to local employees (non-relocators). Your Client Success Manager will provide you with the survey link.

We also share proposed text to share the survey internally so you can circulate it in your preferred comms channel: Slack, Yammer, email, newsletter: here.

The survey responses come straight to Benivo and are plugged into the platform automatically, so there’s no client involvement needed at the tail end.

Template text to share the launch survey in


We need your local advice! [Companyname] has launched a program to help relocators learn the local norms and tips, and you could make a great impact by sharing yours. Please do so by completing this 5-minute survey:

[Survey link]

On top of helping your new colleagues, you’ll be entered in a fun prize draw to win a Starbucks Gift Card. Here’s what you could win if everyone gets involved: If 50 employees complete the survey, there will be 1 winner. If 100 employees complete the survey, there will be 3 winners. And if 150 employees+ complete the survey, there will be 5 winners. So, spread the word and get the responses up!


Last updated: December 29th, 2021