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Benivo Employee Experience Series

Employer Brand matters. It is a direct reflection of the experiences your employees have with your company. Unfortunately, most companies do not take a systematic approach towards Employee Experience management.

In this White Paper Series, we explore which employee experiences have the biggest impact on the Employer Brand, and why it’s important to invest, measure, and manage them.

In Part 1

  • That most companies hugely underinvest in Employer Brand - and how this
    is an opportunity for you.
  • Which types of Employee Experiences have the biggest impact on the
    Employer Brand.
  • Why it matters to delight employees especially during difficult times.

In Part 2

  • Why eNPS is superior to other brand measurement methods
  • How you can implement a robust measurement system across your company
  • Why it’s important to do both anonymous and named surveying

In Part 3

  • What makes up a great Mobile Talent Experience
  • How we measured the positive impact of 60% on the Employer Brand
  • How you can use this concept to create similarly impactful Employee Experiences that will help your talent acquisition and retention.

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