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The Future is Bright: How Technology is Enabling Strategic Mobility

The world of global mobility is changing rapidly. Historically, mobility professionals have often been stuck in a reactive, operational role - dealing with urgent tasks and "putting out fires" rather than thinking strategically. But new technologies like Benivo's Unified Mobility Platform have emerged. They can automate repetitive tasks and provide data-driven insights, allowing mobility teams to become true strategic partners to their organizations.

In the recent The View From The Top, experts Brian Friedman, Beth Nielson and Janice Quigley discussed how technology like AI and advanced data analytics is revolutionizing mobility:

Automate Manual Processes

Many routine mobility tasks like creating cost estimates, assignment letters, and vendor agreements can now be automated with the click of a button. This eliminates inefficient copying/pasting and reduces the risk of human error. The time savings allow professionals to focus on high-value strategic initiatives.

Enhance Employee Experience

New self-service employee portals provide 24/7 access to personalized mobility information and status updates. This reduces employee questions and improves satisfaction throughout the relocation journey.

Leverage Predictive Analytics

With real-time data integrations, mobility teams can identify potential delays or issues early. By analyzing historical case timelines, they can make data-driven recommendations about realistic start dates, ensuring assignments get off to a smooth start.

Mine Emails for Insights

AI tools can automatically scan employee emails to detect sentiment and surface pain points. This continuous feedback helps identify areas for policy or vendor improvements.

Talk to an AI Assistant

Chatbots like Benivo's GPT can respond to frequent employee questions or draft basic communications in seconds, acting as a virtual assistant for mobility staff. When trained on company policies and data, chatbots become an always-available knowledge base.

While some may view technology as a threat, it's better to see it as an enabler. The key is using it strategically to eliminate drudgery and empower mobility as a value-driving business partner. 

You can view the complete recording here.  You can also view immigration and tax updates here

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Michelle Curran
Created on 14-11-2023