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One Platform

An end-to-end hub for relocating employees and HR to deliver exceptional employee experience, save cost and save everyone time. 

Employees who self-serve.

Better compliance. Less work.

Explainers and expectation setting to support employees through the end-to-end relocation experience and track where they stand in the process. The result is better process understanding, better compliance, more time for employees and HR with higher satisfaction.

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Eliminate duplicate data entry.

You and your relocating employees enter the same info over and over internally and with multiple suppliers. Eliminate it to save everyone time, reduce frustration and reduce error.
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Digital destination support.

Area Orientation, Housing, Settling-In, Culture, Lifestyle and more for your employees and their partners/spouses - Benivo's digital version of each destination service category comes built-in, with the option to host additional content and services from your partners. Now every policy can have an amazing foundation of support included by standard.



The fastest and easiest way to get relocation money in your employees hands. PayLater is an interest-free cash advance provided by Benivo to employees. Employees repay Benivo by installments after they receive payroll. You eliminate compliance complexity & costs related to delivering income before their start date.

Why do HR teams love Benivo?

  • Fast implementation and unlimited customisations.
  • Save HR team time. Save employee time.
  • Deliver a wow experience to employees.

Meet a few of Benivo's clients

Our clients rate Benivo 9.2/10 with Net Promoter Score of 76.

What do clients say when asked to rate Benivo?

We work with the same industry leaders you do

Benivo does not manage vendors.

We do work with your Tax, Immigration, Relocation Management, Destination Services, HR Systems, Data and other vendors to add value to your Benivo platform.

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Why do employees love Benivo?

  • Get everything in one place.
  • Insights from colleagues.
  • Easy access to money before start dates.

Here's what client's employees have to say...



Analyze your savings potential with Benivo.

We expect to save you 30-70% on overall costs, and increase NPS scores by >50%.