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Supply Chain Cybersecurity in Global Mobility

Cybersecurity cover image small 2Benivo's latest benchmark report analyzes the status of Supply Chain Cybersecurity in Global Mobility and provides important insights into key areas of concern, as well as available solutions.

The importance of Cybersecurity, including information security and data privacy, continues to increase. Employers today are liable for how they manage their employee’s data AND how their vendors & downstream vendors manage their employees’ data. The risks are significant!

Consequences of a Data Breach

A data breach by a vendor or a downstream vendor in the supply chain can result in loss of employee trust, time-consuming investigations, embarrassing PR, required breach reporting to authorities and the real risk of fines up to $20m.

2022 Benchmark Report

In our recent Benchmarking Report:

  • 40% of businesses reported a data breach due to a vendor or downstream vendor!
  • 50% of vendors revealed that their organization doesn’t follow basic information security practices, and have low trust in their organization's ability to protect their clients data, despite understanding the importance of it

Benivo is on a mission to increase awareness of the issues and help the Global Mobility industry upgrade its standards and protect employers from these risks.

Download the Supply Chain Cybersecurity Benchmark to learn more.



Michelle Curran
Created on 8-4-2022