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New Blueprint for Global Mobility: Relocation Services + Mobility Tech

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Domestic Relocation in India

Domestic Relocation in India: A Benivo Strategy Council Benchmark Report - Updated June 2022.

50% of HR leaders are not satisfied with the solutions currently in place to support domestic relocation in India.

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Data Intelligence and Predictive Analytics in Global Mobility

What does Data Intelligence mean? It’s the wisdom, and the insights, that come after analysis. It’s why you organize and analyze your data in the first place! Global Mobility deals with a lot of data: employee data, HR data, vendor data, costs, immigration, program performance and more. While automation is the driver of business efficiency in the 21st century, it is only beginning to enter the Global Mobility space.

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Relocating CEOs & VIPs: Combining personal touch with outstanding technology

As Global Mobility Director at eBay, Eric Halverson defined a VIP move “as a move that you can get fired for if it goes wrong”. In his experience, “True VIPs have such high visibility within the organization that upper management will come in and restructure your organization and vendors if they don't like what is going on.” So, for those employees who are in fact VIPs, it’s critical to get it right.  

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The Most Innovative Use of Technology — Core-Flex

Benivo wins the FEM EMMA Award for The Most Innovative Use of Technology — Core-Flex. This is the 11th time in the last 4 years Benivo has won an industry award!  What's so special about Benivo's Core-Flex technology solution?

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Benivo wins Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility – Assignee Management

The FEM EMMAs judges say “Benivo has delivered on innovations, a positive impact on stakeholders and the wider business, and savings in time and money, and more.”

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