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Relocating CEOs & VIPs: Combining personal touch with outstanding technology

As Global Mobility Director at eBay, Eric Halverson defined a VIP move “as a move that you can get fired for if it goes wrong”. In his experience, “True VIPs have such high visibility within the organization that upper management will come in and restructure your organization and vendors if they don't like what is going on.” So, for those employees who are in fact VIPs, it’s critical to get it right.  

Since retiring from eBay, Eric Halverson is now advising Benivo as a Strategy Council Member on how to combine powerful technology with the personal touch to help you get the job done. There is a misconception that technology is only about enabling self-service aimed at junior employees and that it comes at the expense of personal touch and highly managed attention. The truth is that technology serves to improve the employee experience at any level within the company, especially if it’s critical to have a holistic view of the move’s progress, service status, feedback, and potential issues at any moment in time.

How does the Benivo technology and white-glove service work together?

Benivo technology offers one powerful, single-platform solution to manage all data for your most critical moves, with white-glove customer service support delivered by an integrated RMC partner. Your VIPs receive best-in-class self service tools, with the option to engage a dedicated professional consultant at any time. The dedicated consultant, the GM team and your most important executives all share one view, and one common platform to operate from to ensure alignment, transparency and success.

It's the ultimate personalized experience letting your VIPs drive how often they want to engage and when they want to engage in the process, through Benivo technology. They can decide what they wish to do for themselves, the integrated Relocation Professional supports as needed with a light or heavy personal support as the VIP prefers, and most importantly, the entire Global Mobility team and all supporting service providers read from the same sheet of music.

Benefits of the Benivo platform for an executive include:

  • Notifications if they need to do something — an option to turn it off and on based on preference
  • Increased visibility — the option to click, confirm and schedule a call with the integrated relocation professionals.
  • On-demand progress reports on all aspects of the relocation, e.g., what is the status of my immigration?
  • Data points only need to be entered once, and it’s securely distributed to vendors using Benivo technology to reduce cybersecurity risk by 97%.
  • Access for spouse and family for certain elements
  • Data security — Part of Benivo’s innovative solution is to protect data and not share it with downstream vendors. This reduces the risk of a data breach by up to 97%.

Delivering the ultimate VIP experience requires augmenting hand holding, providing the VIPs the ability to design to their style, excellent self-service options and status updates in the palm of their hand while keeping their personal information private and secure. From a GM perspective, there are no surprises for the executive, timings and delays are monitored closely so problems can be addressed even before they arise. Information is available in real-time. 

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To learn more about this topic you can access the full discussion from The View From The Top with guests Taly Goren, Benivo show producer, Eric Halverson, ex Global Mobility Director at eBay, and Nitzan Yudan, CEO of Benivo.


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Matthew Chic


Matthew Chic

Created on 16-5-2022