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Marc Grume

Marc heads up the Client Success Management team at Benivo, and his passion is to help clients unleash the full potential of technology in the mobility industry. Originally from Barcelona, he moved to London in 2016 after completing his MBA in San Francisco.
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Recent Posts

Siemens - A Mega Global Mobility Program with 300,000 moves a year!

Siemens has possibly the largest mobility program in the world with (pre-COVID) over 300,000 moves and business trips each year. Yes, 300,000! The vast majority of the moves are short-term but they also have 23,000 work assignments and 2,000 longer term moves each year.

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Digitalizing The Mobility Operating Model

In our most recent The View From The Top show featuring guest speakers — Jason Ward (EY), Wes Okumura (formerly EY Americas Mobility Lead Partner and now Benivo Strategy Council Member) and Beth Neilson (Benivo), we discussed digitalization and how we can apply it to align HR, Payroll, and vendor platforms.

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