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Siemens - A Mega Global Mobility Program with 300,000 moves a year!

Siemens has possibly the largest mobility program in the world with (pre-COVID) over 300,000 moves and business trips each year. Yes, 300,000! The vast majority of the moves are short-term but they also have 23,000 work assignments and 2,000 longer term moves each year.

As you can imagine, Siemens has an extensive and highly experienced in-house team to manage such a vast program, with over 300 mobility professionals who look after every aspect of the Siemens population. They also handle a growing number of third party moves primarily for former Siemens subsidiaries.

In our recent The View From The Top Show, Brian Friedman discussed this mega program with Siemens representatives: Astrid Halfers, Head of Global Mobility - Regional Management, Andrea Ruiz, Global Mobility Regional Manager - Americas, and Meike Geiken, Head of Global Framework, Global Mobility Policies, Immigration and International Law.

Access the show recording to learn more about:

  • The structure of such a large mobility department. Siemens has many departments within global mobility including strategic roles, assignment management, global delivery, enablement and digitalization, portfolio and partner management, and regional management
  • The different types of moves. At a high level Siemens has one global mandatory policy, a long-term delegation policy, and business travel  policy
  • Remote work strategy and compliance issues
  • Vendor management
  • The technology used to manage this mega program
  • Sustainability

Access the recording for this fascinating session and also learn how Siemens run their global mobility department as a profit center. 

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Marc Grume


Marc Grume

Created on 19-5-2022