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A location discovery platform to bring the live-work lifestyle to life for your candidates and prospective assignees.

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Build excitement. Spotlight benefits. Get more applications.

Make the unique live-work lifestyle of your locations stand out to candidates. Your location reputation impacts your employer brand and your ability to attract the right talent to the right opportunity. Spotlight gives you more control.
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Connect candidates to your locations before they arrive.

When employees know what to expect, and feel connected to a location, they are more likely to apply, arrive, settle-in effectively and become a productive member of the team.
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Spotlight is perfect to prepare employees for assignments.

For Talent Acquisition & Global Mobility professionals who organise internal transfers and expatriate assignments, Spotlight is a perfect solution to deliver pre-assignment decision-making support.

Key Features in Spotlight

Location Welcome Platform

A dedicated location welcome platform, branded as your company, open to all candidates, to explore and get excited about the life-work lifestyles that your company locations have to offer.

Day-in-the-life norms

Commutes, neighborhoods to live, best weekend trips, places to eat, go to the gym and more.

Cost of living

Personalised cost of living data based on actual spend by peers, brought to life via Social Insights, to help your employees plan their budgets.

Registrant Analytics

Know who is in the top of your pipeline, what content is popular and what candidates and pre-assignees need to know about the life-work lifestyle in your locations.

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