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125 locations globally and counting



3 Pillars of our Location Launching Process

Pillar #1 - Expert City Research

The first step to setting up a Benivo Platform location is to collect, validate and configure a complete set of relocation and moving facts, data points, and instructions for the platform. The set of information includes introductory information to a city and lifestyle, price guides, information on health services, bank accounts, telecommunications, city/country registrations, health and safety, neighbourhood orientations, public transport options, norms for supermarkets and gyms, social life in the city and starting ideas for fun things to do on the weekend as a new arrival.


Pillar #2 - Rental Property Market Intelligence

One of the most important, and challenging, projects of moving to a new city is organising an accommodation. The Benivo platform and support team serve as a guide to enable your employees to be successful, avoid pitfalls, and stay safe in their property search. Benivo’s speciality is providing guidance and assistance for navigating residential property market options - short & long term. The platform will provided a complete overview on places to browse properties in that city, guidance on the types of property providers in the market with up and downsides to each, guidance for standard contract terms with a contract review service and a search assistance service to help sift the market, narrow choices, set viewing appointments or book online.


Pillar #3 - Social Insights & Platform Configuration

Every relocater wants to know how colleagues like them managed their move in the past and what advice they might be able to impart. Benivo unlocks this information from your company network, puts unique, contextually relevant insights at your employee’s fingertips, and serves to better connect your new joiners to their new team before they arrive. The Social Insights data collection and platform configuration process delivers insights on Employee Experience to the business and creates a channel for your employee network to support each other.


A Learning Platform

Location launch is the beginning, and the value for your company grows overtime. Your Benivo platform is a learning platform per location that improves by two primary mechanisms:

The first is powered by people:

Our Employee Success team operates an ongoing, custom research service, for your employees to get answers to individual needs and curiosities. For example, your fitness enthusiasts might want to know the best places to go jogging in their new city, or your bargain hunters might need to know which local broadband service is the best deal. For each unique enquiry, Benivo develops custom content unique to your portal to answer the query for the group, pulls in Social Insights to compliment it, and keeps the information up-to-date.

The second is powered by technology:

Benivo has developed Artificial Intelligence technology to enable employees to get personalised help, 24/7, and to learn from every query. When your employee asks Ben, our chatbot, for help, our platform tags the subject of the query, validates the quality of the current data response, and identifies opportunities to improve. Further, the Benivo platform connects directly to a variety of data sources to give immediate, centralised, and simple access to location prices, services reviews and data points.


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