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Meet Ben: AI Assisted Relocation

Ben is a chatbot that helps relocating employees find the info they need easily and immediately - whenever, wherever. 


Understanding your personal budget needs

When relocating, understanding your personal budget needs is the number one challenge. How much should I budgetHow much should I pay?

Google connects to you generic figures and averages which may not relate to your lifestlye. However, this tacit knowledge exists across the corporate graph - in your locals and people who have already relocated.

Benivo, and Ben, help you bring it to life. We built Ben to enhance a newcomer's relocation experience and further our mission to help companies welcome any and all.

Warm, friendly, personalised.

It's like Benivo but, well, it's Ben-i-Bot!


Ben's helpful, above all else. He's also easygoing; you'll be relieved to have Ben's calming presence beside you in crisis. His wry, witty sense of humour will help you remember that stress and seriousness are not the answer to life's problems


Unique Intel

Ben draws his information from the many, many employees who have moved before. This proprietary knowledge allows Ben to make the best personalised recommendations, more relevant than any other assistant - guaranteed.


Available Anywhere 24/7

Ben's available to answer your questions any time of the day. Whether you're a night owl, or early bird, you wont be put on hold, ever. No matter where you are in the world, Ben is ready to help with your move now.

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Powered by AI

Ben lives on data. As Benivo helps more and more employees relocate, we feed the data back to Ben so that he can make better and better recommendations. The more data we feed Ben, the more intelligent he becomes.