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Winning the Heart from the Start by Michael Arkins at Verizon Connect

This is part of a longer chapter, which is included in the “The Value of a Great Welcome - Employee Experience for New Joiners”, a thought leadership compilation, edited by Benivo and published last year. The book contains contributions from 30 senior Talent and Mobility professionals and provide thought-provoking ideas and useful tips for improving the preboarding and onboarding experience for your staff.

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 Article Preview

By Michael Arkins

Winning the Heart from the Start

The Verizon onboarding programme, called LaunchPad, offers a seamless and structured introduction to our organization’s culture which is pinned to a set of standards that we work very hard to adhere to.

Welcome letters, early performance plans, our origin story and our shared values are some of the essential areas we cover in our LaunchPad presentation, delivered by the HR team on the first day. This initial and heavy investment creates a hugely impactful experience for new starts, and is proven to lead to better engagement and retention by working to validate their decision to saying yes to join us.

We solicit feedback from new employees at the 30, 60, and 90 day mark, and refine the experience based on their input.

Since LaunchPad’s introduction in August 2017 we have seen a noticeable drop in early attrition, as high as 38% in one of our regions. We think the main reason is that the programme sets clear expectations around learning and performance requirements, and that employees feel strongly supported in their new roles.

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The book is now available free for download as an eBook (you can also find it for sale on Amazon at £49.99).

Matthew Chic


Matthew Chic

Created on 18-1-2019