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Sustainability and Global Mobility at Siemens

Global mobility programs enable companies to send employees around the world, but they also come with a significant environmental footprint from travel and relocations. Companies like Siemens are putting sustainability at the forefront of their global mobility strategy. In a recent The View From The Top show, we were joined by special guests from Siemens - Meike Geiken and Jonathan Keag to discuss their strategy.

With over 200,000 annual business trips and 17,000 relocations per year, Siemens has one of the largest global mobility programs. They have made sustainability a core value under their “DEGREE” framework, which stands for decarbonization, ethics, governance, resource efficiency, equity, and employability.

Decarbonization Efforts

Siemens aims to reduce the emissions from business travel by incentivizing more sustainable modes like rail over air travel. They are engaging with mobility vendors to get accurate emissions data on shipping and travel to help employees make greener choices.

Sustainable Relocations

On the relocation side, Siemens is working with suppliers on recyclable and reduced packaging materials to ship household goods. They are also gathering data on freight transportation emissions to promote more eco-friendly options.

Culture and Inclusion

The ethics, equity and employability pillars focus on culture and inclusion. Siemens has implemented DEI trainings and is developing intercultural learning tools to build cultural agility across border moves.

By putting sustainability at the center and engaging stakeholders across the mobility ecosystem, Siemens provides an example of how to build an ethical, green global workforce. Their data-driven approach, paired with cultural inclusion, allows for both employee support and environmental stewardship.

You can watch the complete discussion here.

Don't forget to join us Wednesday for our next episode of The View From The Top where we will be discussing how to harness AI to support global mobility. 

Michelle Curran
Created on 6-2-2024