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Today, Benivo and Vialto Partners announced the release of Smart Cost Estimates - A new, fully integrated tool on the Benivo platform that merges Vialto’s market-leading global tax content and expertise with Benivo technology, AI and analytics. 

#SmartCostEstimates is designed for Global Mobility teams to do more with data, be more proactive and deliver more strategic insights than ever before. Watch the launch video at www.benivo.com/smart-cost-estimates.

Vialto Partners is a leading provider of globally integrated solutions supporting global workforce mobility, including immigration, tax, managed services, and technology. Benivo is the leading end-to-end, single platform solution for Global Mobility teams to manage their globally mobile workforce and programs. The Benivo Global Mobility Management Platform enables teams to manage HR-Employee-Vendor processes, power every relocation policy type from VIPs to core-flex, lump-sum, managed services and more, with an integrated global payment system to execute employee and service provider payments faster and more cost effectively than any alternative.

The new #SmartCostEstimates technology combines Vialto Partners’ deep global expertise, datasets and technology with the Benivo system to:

Deliver superior calculation accuracy through AI and analytics

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Applies actual spend data to improve future estimate accuracy
  • Real-time estimate to actual tracking
  • Automatic alerts when spend thresholds are hit

Maximize flexibility for planning and what if scenarios

  • Unlimited calculations
  • Unlimited what-if scenarios
  • Instant results
  • Support for custom datasets and COLA from any data provider
  • Update default taxability of allowances and benefits to reflect company positions. 

Includes market leading, quality global tax support from Vialto

  • Tax logic updates by market-leading tax professionals, support on demand
  • Support for Domestic and International One-Way Transfers, Long-Term Assignments and Short-Term Assignments 
  • Hypo-Tax Calculations, Option to apply Tax Treaties and Totalization Agreements, Tax Residency Rule Support and more.

#SmartCostEstimates is now live on the Benivo platform and included at no additional charge with standard Benivo licences.

Join Benivo and Vialto Partners in back-to-back The View From The Top Shows, hosted by Benivo Strategy Director Brian Friedman to launch #SmartCostEstimates on Wednesday July 13th and Wednesday July 20th. Brian Friedman is a long-term industry veteran. He founded the Forum for Expatriate Management and now hosts Global Mobility’s most popular live broadcast show every Wednesday at 8am Pacific, 11am Eastern, 4pm UK.  

The July 13th 2022 show will provide an overview of the technology partnership between Benivo and Vialto Partners, followed by a deep-dive demo and Q&A session on July 20th 2022.

Nitzan Yudan, CEO at Benivo commented that “Cost estimates are a perfect example of how superior technology solutions can offer customers outstanding quality, significantly better value and overall lower costs compared to market alternatives. I am extremely proud of the work the Vialto Partners and Benivo teams have executed together to introduce a game-changing option for clients around the world. Please join our announcement shows and reach out to our teams to learn more.”

Brian Friedman, Strategy Director at Benivo adds: “The fact that technology is more advanced in our consumer lives than our professional lives in Global Mobility is an anomaly that has long needed correction. The combination of Vialto Partners expertise and Big 4 pedigree with Benivo’s technology capabilities is a leap in the right direction.” 

Shawn McGrath, Partner, Vialto notes “As we invest in transforming the mobility ecosystem to help multinational organizations create better mobility experiences, we appreciate the capabilities of technology disruptors like Benivo to help drive innovation and deliver client success. We are excited to work together to bring the next generation of global workforce technology solutions to market.”  

Learn more about #SmartCostEstimates, join the Benivo+Vialto launch shows audience and schedule private demos at www.benivo.com/smart-cost-estimates.

About Vialto Partners

Vialto Partners is a market leader providing globally integrated solutions supporting global workforce mobility, including immigration, tax, managed services, and digital solutions. As a trusted advisor of compliance, consulting and technology services to multinational corporations, the firm solves complex, cross-border workforce mobility challenges to ensure its clients and their employees have a consistent and compliant global mobility experience.

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About Benivo

Benivo is an end-to-end, single platform solution for Global Mobility teams to manage their global mobile workforce, manage the HR-Employee-Vendor processes, power any/every employee policy from VIPs to core-flex, lump sum, and managed services, and execute global payments to employee and service providers faster and cheaper than the competition. Serving the global fortune 1000 since 2011, Benivo tracks to a client NPS of 70, client employee experience improvement >50%, year on year client retention >90% and has earned 11 industry awards including multiple wins for best technology in Global Mobility. 

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Nitzan Yudan, CEO, Benivo HQ, London, UK

Matthew Chic, CCO, Benivo USA, San Francisco, CA

Shawn McGrath, Partner, Vialto Partners, Stamford, CT

Michelle Curran
Created on 11-7-2022