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How Benivo technology is radically changing global mobility at Wayfair


Nicole Milman, Head of Global Mobility at Wayfair, joined us on Benivo Bites to discuss how Benivo technology has radically changed how her team manages global mobility at Wayfair and unlocks the value of data, which was not available before. 

Benivo is a Game Changer!
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Like many companies, Wayfair is revising its policies to include a Core-Flex points approach based on family size. Given that traditionally Core-Flex is difficult to administer and manage, Wayfair reviewed many options in an effort to streamline this process. Wayfair selected Benivo given it has the capability to do 3 in 1:

  1. Tools for Global Mobility —  assignment management, cost projections, populate assignment letters and send for approval, and digital signatures
  2. Vendor Management & payments— Wayfair's service providers are initiated through Benivo's Vendor Management platform — a process that is seamless to their employees
  3. Employee Experience — an employee platform whereby employees select the benefits they want, access all the information on a single platform, learn from colleague’s experience, and get support in the relocation process 

As Nicole said:

"The beauty of Benivo is one invoice, one source of truth in terms of reports, really good analytics and dashboards, and the ability to track SLA's. It's what we need for Wayfair Employees — it's a game changer! They got this lovely welcome gift from Benivo that I was unsure about at first but employees love it!"



The Single Platform for Global Mobility Teams

The status quo in global mobility includes too many layers and touch points, causing frustration as implementation costs are too high,  relocation data is still manual, and the systems do not connect to each other. Benivo technology connects everything to provide immediate actionable insights. Cost estimates are connected to the actual costs allowing estimates to be refined and become more accurate. It's all consolidated in a single platform.

Nicole continued to say:

"The Benivo platform sits above all our tools right now we initiate everything from this platform, for example household goods shipment. Almost like a shopping cart you add everything to the cart, check out and that initiates these services with the vendors."

"The analytics are really important. There are three tiers: 

  1. What does my team need to know the predictive analytics so we can get ahead of any potential issues
  2. What is important for the masses what do the key stakeholders need to know - the critical data. How quickly are we getting people to where they need to go?
  3. How much does it cost us, and are we meeting SLA's? Traditionally this is very tricky when using numerous systems 

Benivo creates whatever we ask with fast implementation and no additional fees really refreshing."



Access the full show recording to hear directly from Nicole, including how Benivo has helped her team address:

  • DE&I
  • Payment solutions
  • Employee experience

and more...

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Michelle Curran
Created on 13-4-2022