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How Adobe Transformed Its Global Mobility Program

Adobe has undergone a major transformation of its global mobility program in recent years, shifting from a one-size-fits-all approach to a new philosophy centered around flexibility and employee choice. The key driver was a need to boost efficiency, control costs, and provide a better overall experience aligned with Adobe's rapidly growing business needs.

Tricia Sirois, Sr. Manager of Global Mobility at Adobe, discussed this transformation live on The View From The Top. Here are some key insights from this discussion...

The New Policy Structure

At the core of Adobe's revamped program are three distinct policy tiers that aim to set clear expectations up front:

  1. Move Yourself - This lump sum option is intended for employees who want to handle most aspects of their move independently. It puts the employee in control but with minimal handholding from Adobe.
  2. Adobe Assists - The medium tier provides core relocation benefits like travel, temporary housing, and destination services. However, it also allows employees to "cash out" certain benefits if they don't need them.
  3. Adobe Moves You - The premium offering covers nearly every aspect of the relocation, designed for senior executives and critical talent that Adobe wants to provide a true white-glove experience.

Benefits of the New Approach

By revamping their program in this way, Adobe has achieved several key objectives:

  • Efficiency - Time spent generating cost estimates dropped by 75% by avoiding lengthy negotiations. Exceptions and extension requests plummeted.
  • Cost Savings - With employees empowered to choose lump sums or cash out benefits they don't need, Adobe has realized significant cost savings.
  • Philosophy - Perhaps most critically, Adobe now has a clear mobility philosophy that hiring managers and transferees understand from the outset, setting accurate expectations.
  • Employee Experience - Employees can customize their move experience within defined policy parameters based on their specific needs.

The program transformation has been a resounding success according to Tricia. While evolving based on data and feedback, Adobe's new approach powerfully aligns mobility, talent, and business objectives. For companies facing similar challenges, revisiting philosophy and offering meaningful employee choice are proven strategies to modernize outdated policies. You can access the complete show recording here.

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Michelle Curran
Created on 19-3-2024