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Dubai Introduces Innovative "Blue Visa" for Environmental Sustainability Experts

Dubai continues to lead the way in attracting top global talent by introducing groundbreaking new visa schemes. On our most recent The View From The Top show, Fragomen's Julia Onslow-Cole provided an exciting update on the latest visa development in Dubai.

The Blue Visa

A World First In a landmark move, the UAE cabinet has recently approved a new 10-year "Blue Visa" that rewards exceptional contributions in the field of environmental action and sustainability. This first-of-its-kind visa offers long-term residency to experts working on environmental initiatives, even if they are based outside of Dubai.

The Blue Visa aims to attract leading researchers, academics, and professionals in sustainability and environmental fields to the UAE. By extending long-term residency, Dubai hopes to enhance its position as a global hub for sustainable development and environmental protection.

Encouraging Emiratization in the Private Sector

In another positive step, the UAE has announced that Emirati nationals with three years of private sector experience will be given preference for government positions. This initiative incentivizes more Emiratis to join the private sector early in their careers, helping companies meet Emiratization targets while developing a pipeline of talented nationals for future government leadership roles.

Golden and Green Visas

Dubai introduced the 10-year "Golden Visa" in 2019 to attract and retain entrepreneurs, exceptional students, and specialized talent. The forthcoming 5-year "Green Visa" will further enable Dubai to welcome middle-skilled professionals and their families.

Cost of Living Concerns

While Dubai remains an extremely attractive destination for global talent, rising living costs since the pandemic are a concern based on recent survey findings. However, the government has launched various initiatives to support companies and curb expenses.

Dubai's agile policymaking and future-focused vision continue to reshape the global mobility landscape. The innovative Blue Visa reinforces the UAE's commitment to sustainable development and its drive to become a central hub for the world's brightest environmental minds.

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Michelle Curran
Created on 29-5-2024