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Digitalization and Reducing layers — Reflections from CGI's Elisabeth Constantin

Elisabeth Constantin of CGI and Benivo Changemaker with a passion for technology joined our recent The View From The Top show. In this show Elisabeth took a moment to step back and reflect on the work they have done at CGI using Benivo’s technology.

Elisabeth mentioned that CGI has been a Benivo client for almost 3 years and they continue to be surprised and impressed with Benivo's ability to provide tech solutions to meet client needs. As an example, automating assignment letters “has been such a mundane task that automating that is really freeing up time for our teams”.

She continued to say “bottom line as someone that has worked across both isles of the industry, as a client I haven't always experienced this kind of ability to adapt tech solutions to make our lives easier and that's certainly something that we value a lot in our partnership and we are very happy to advocate for.”

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As a precursor to the show Brian Friedman posted the following question on LinkedIn:

Do you think you could do more to automate your mobility program through technology?

The actual LinkedIn poll results were staggering — 95% of people said that they could do more to automate their mobility program through technology. View the show recording to learn more about how 3 clients did just that.

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Michelle Curran
Created on 20-6-2022