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A customised relocation and pre-boarding system for junior and mid-level talent. Improve duty of care. Save cost. Convert and retain more of the best.
The world’s leading HR & Recruitment teams use Benivo for junior employees who move for work
Solutions tailored to you

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A consistent standard for better duty of care

Inequality and inconsistency with employee relocation experiences costs your organisation time and money.

Benivo helps you deliver a consistent moving support experience at low cost irrespective of seniority level, wage, budget and destination.

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Better visibility after offer-accepted

Understand who is on track with their move and who is lagging behind. We help you anticipate no-shows and identify candidates who your team should focus on engaging.

The Benivo service platform gives you a powerful tool to improve your post-offer process. Keep the best candidates engaged and on-track for a great start.  

Junior recruits are your organisations future leaders. A relocation support solution specialised to the needs of this audience allows you to seek, convert and retain more of the best talent, no matter where they are located to begin.

See more on Hiring Globally below.

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Reduce cost and improve operations

Supporting relocating employees in-house is costly and outside the core focus for your HR and Talent teams. Benivo allows your team to maintain control but offload ad-hoc moving support work.

Upgrade to professional quality and decrease costs but maintain your customised touch with the Benivo service platform.


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Graduates and interns


Attract top talent

Stand out from your competitors and attract more of the best graduate candidates.

Social Insights

Connect new hires with current employees and let them share their experiences with each other.

Anticipate no-shows

Monitor your new hires progress and act preventatively when red flags are raised. 

IT professionals


Stand out from competitors

Offering a relocation package to all employees shows you care attracting the best hires to you.

Overcome skills shortages

Recruit globally for your new hires and overcome skills shortages in your local country.

Control pre- and onboarding

Through the employer platform you can control the entire process and get reports on cohorts. 

Call centres


Increase engagement

Make your new hires feel welcome and part of the company before they even start.

Solve language barriers

Our Success Consultants speak five languages and help hires fulfill admin tasks in their language.

Predict no-shows

Monitor your new hires progress and act preventively when red flags are raised. 



Offer consistency for relocating

Provide a common standard for all new hires and don't leave them left to their own devices. 

Convert faster, retain longer

Retain your best employees by giving them a positive experience even before their first day.

Mimimise costs

Our relocation services are less expensive than other alternatives - including hiring new talent.



Scale onboarding

Onboard large numbers of incoming personnel with Benivo's technology-driven solution.

Increase retention

Retain your best employees by giving them a positive experience even before their first day.

Ease worries about challenges

Support new employees from oversees with a relocation service that addresses their challenges.
Hire Globally: A Manifesto for Junior Mobility

Taking up the habit of increasing your pool of A player candidates.

Are you only hiring locally? You are likely missing out on a vast pool of top talent. Widen your search for the best junior employee candidates by hiring globally and offer new hires a smooth relocation experience. 

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